18 Budget Friendly Ways to Spice up Your Relationship ...

Want to spice up your relationship this Spring? Check out these pocket-friendly tips and see what my friends and I usually do to lighten things up with our other half!

• **Make a date night! **Plan an amount that you can afford, say $10 a week. Then take it in turns to plan a ‘date’ that fits within this budget. After a few weeks, give a reward to whoever planned the best date.
Hug him spontaneously. It’s surprising how much physical contact drops after the first few months of a relationship, so give him some hugs and bring that physical closeness back.
Surprise him in the shower!

Dig out monopoly and play a strip version. It’ll be great fun and very bonding.
Email him some sexy thoughts while he’s at work. He’ll be dying to get home.
Rent an ‘adult’ video, and watch it together. If nothing else, you’ll have a laugh together over the terrible acting.
Go on a picnic, and make sure it’s a secluded spot. Bonding in the outdoors is brilliant fun!
Slip into something sexy, and surprise him.
Spend some time doing something you both love, or make time for one of his favourite hobbies.
• **Read a book together. **This gives you time to just be together, being intimate and making an effort.
Challenge him to a sports game, with the winner choosing the nights activities. Great fun, even if you don’t end up in the showers after!
Bake some cakes, and spell out a sexy message along them in icing. Leave them out for him to read.
• **Make a scrapbook of your favourite moments together. **Include pictures and notes. Hide it in his underwear draw.
Cook a candle lit dinner, and eat it in something sexy, or if you’re feeling confident, completely naked. You’ll blow his mind.
Strip! Rent a movie or check out YouTube and learn some movies. He’ll be amazed, and you won’t be able to do much before he’s all over you!
Get a temporary tattoo set, and spell something out on your body. Let him find it.
Send him a sexy picture message just before he drives home, and tell him the rest is waiting for him...
Book a last minute weekend away and make some time to familiarise yourself with his body again. Make use of room service, and act like newlyweds!

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So now you have the ideas, put them into practice and make him feel like the luckiest guy alive. If you have a failsafe way of making him feel loved, I’d love to hear about it!!! :)

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