5 Relationship Tips from David Arquette and Courteney Cox ...


5 Relationship Tips from David Arquette and Courteney Cox ...
5 Relationship Tips from David Arquette and Courteney Cox ...

David Arquette and Courteney Cox have nixed rumors of a troubled marriage because they know how to make one work. It’s never easy to showcase a relationship in the spotlight but Arquette and Cox offer advice on how to make a marriage strong with or without all the cameras.

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Try to Keep Your Work and Family as Two Separate Entities...

Trying to manage them together can put too much stress on each other. While my fiance and I met at work, we don't actually work together. However, knowing the little details of what's going on keeps us connected.

It's just asking for trouble. If you're living with someone, it's not a good idea to place the kind of strain on your marriage that comes from being on set together for 14 hours a day,” Cox said.
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Don’t Forget That Some Things Should Be Kept between the Two of You...

Not everything about your marriage needs to be told to others. I believe this is very true when dealing with very intimate relations of your marriage. No one other than you and your significant other should know about what happens behind closed doors.

I just need to understand that he's very private and doesn't like to think of me airing our dirty laundry," Cox said.
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Always Remember That You Have Needs as Well...

Sometimes you have to put yourself first. We all need to set some time apart for ourselves. As for me, I like to set time for something I enjoy doing like scrapbooking or photography.

I'm a great caretaker but one thing I'm not good at is taking care of myself," Cox admitted.
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Honesty is Very Important…

There should be no reason for secrets in any marriage. Honesty, in my eyes, is the number one key to keeping a long, strong, happy marriage. There is no reason to lie to someone you love and to someone who loves you.

At every turn, it's my job to be loving and honest to her," Arquette said. “"If there's one thing about our relationship, there are no surprises," he told People magazine.
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Children Can Change Your Life...

Enjoy every moment you have with them. Being there with them and for them doesn't mean you have to spoil them with money...just spoil them with your love and devotion.

Being a father in general, your whole capacity for love just sort of is redefined,” Arquette said.

Many of us want to know the secrets to a successful marriage and how to make it work. Are there any secrets you can share?

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Sorry to hear that they have split. But it sounds like they will always put their daughter's needs first like any parent should.

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