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5 Relationship Tips from Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker ...

By Diana

Sarah Jessica Parker's character may have talked about her intimate relationships in "Sex in the City", but this New York girl's real life relationship with husband Matthew Broderick is kept under lock and key. And keeping their 11 year marriage to themselves is only part of how they stay true to their nuptials.

1 Although You Should Keep Some Things to Yourself…

Don't go out of your way to be such a secluded couple. I think you can achieve privacy without going overboard. With my realtionship privacy is important, but we don't write it in bold letters to our friends and family that we're private.

It's not hard to be a private couple. I see some people who actually do it really well, and then I see people who make me skeptical about their deep desire to be so private," Parker told Elle magazine.
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2 Find Stability within Your Day...

Juggling work, play, and family time can be a tough job. As for my fiance and I, we try to make a routine out of our week when we can. And we try to make sure Thursdays are set aside for each other after we get home from work.

I try to be home to tuck him in at least four nights a week, and if I'm not, he's not letting me get away with anything," Parker said about her 5 year old son James.
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3 Don't Argue over the Small Stuff…

Little things like taking care of the house shouldn't get between you. Sometimes we just want to come home and relax, but then we remember that there are dishes to be put away, clothes to be folded, and towels to be picked up off the floor. If I don't get to it then I know he will, and if he doesn't get to it, he knows I will. Eventually it will get done, but there are more important things in any relationship than arguing over who didn't clean the dishes.

…every Sunday night I clean the house, organize, put things away, give things away, make stacks, blah, blah, blah. He has no interest. You know what? If that's the biggest flaw, I gotta learn to live with that," Parker admitted.
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4 Know when to Separate Work and Home...

Work shouldn't be the only thing you discuss with your spouse. I know after a long day at work, coming home and talking about it only makes it seem like I'm still at work!

When we get home, it's nice to not really talk about work all that much, but big decisions I would always try to get her opinion on," Broderick said.
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5 Be There for Each Other...

Remember that they need you as much as you need them. I believe you should try to encourage each other as much as possible. Right now we are both trying to get back into shape and as we work out together we push each other to go that extra mile.

I would always go to any premiere of hers unless I was working. Yeah, that's part of the job of marriage," Broderick said.

Can you help others make their relationships better with your advice? What makes your marriage happy? We can all use a little advice...but just know how to make that advice work for you and your spouse.


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