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How to Get Your Guy to Share with the Housework ...

By Mabelle

There's this interesting article from that all married women can relate to. The author shares her wonderment as to why people think that her husband is sooo wonderful - when all he's doing is pitch in the housework.

For so long now, women are expected to handle the brunt of chores around the house - whether she's working or not. Remember when you really had a bad day at work and you go home bone-tired and ravenous - only to find your husband **with his feet up on the sofa, watching TV, drinking beer and waiting for you to make dinner for him??? Doesn't that just **suck?

It's a good thing that (some) men now are more willing to do their part and do their share around the house.

So what're you supposed to do to make you hubby understand that he should get up his ass **and do the **'manly' household chores so that he can help you out? Here are some wacky suggestions:

• Let him starve to death if he doesn't help you make dinner.
• Keep him out of the bedroom if he doesn't fix the leaking pipes in the bathroom.
• Cancel your cable subscription (or make out with the cable guy!) if he goes on watching TV all day even when you're swamped with laundrywork and housecleaning chores!

I know, I know, these are **wacky suggestions **- but they're just a thought, lol!

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