10 Tips on How to Get His Phone Number ...

The handsome man who smiles at you on the train every morning, or the cute guy at the sub shop. There is always someone whose number you're longing for, but how do you get it? It's a minefield of do's and don'ts, so here's my top ten tips to get his phone number in the simplest way!

1. Be Confident...

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Act like you know you want his number. List your good points in your head, and wear your sexiest work clothes. He'll pick up on how confident and happy you are, and is much more likely to give you his number!

2. Work Him out...

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Does he text someone all the time, or is he wearing a wedding ring? His behaviour will give away clues as to whether he is single or not, so make sure you pick up on them!

3. Smile...

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People are 80% more likely to talk to you if you are smiling, and you are much more likely to get what you want, too! Practise your best smile, and go for it!

4. Flutter Your Eyelashes...

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Bite your lip, touch his arm, expose your wrists, flick your hair...whatever your trademark move is, flirt! It's a flawless way to get his number, and to win his heart!

5. Be Feminine...

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Show off your girly charms, and you are sure to catch his attention. Whether you show off your legs or use your brightest pink lipgloss, show him that you have the feminine side that all guys love.

6. Feed Him!

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Its true, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. So take some homemade cakes on your journey, or offer him a sandwich. Just make sure its the best!

7. Make Him Laugh!

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If you can't feed him, make him laugh! Tell him your favourite joke, or about your nightmare date last week. Laughing is very bonding, and men rated women's laughs as one of the sexiest things about them!

8. Make up a Story...

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Okay, so you've been dared to get phone numbers. Or to kiss him on the cheek. You need to bring the sexiest man to a bar....Use your imagination, and you've suddenly got a reason to talk to him, and to get his number and meet again!

9. Make a Promise...

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Does he wear a football shirt, or listen to a certain band? Notice something about him, and get hold of some tickets. Offer him your spare, and you've got a very sexy date, without all the stress!

10. Ask for Help...

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Is your bag extra heavy today, or have you got no free hands to open the door? Ask him for help, and his ego will ensure he helps you. Then, of course he'll have to give you his number so you can pay him back...

So there are my top tips for how to get his phone number, and how to make the best impression! Remember to be classy, flirty and fun, so that in years to come, you can tell your family how you met your other half!

Have you got a good way to get his number? Please let me know!

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