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10 Tips to Get Your Boyfriend Back ...

By Kati

So you split up, but now you’re regretting it, realizing he was the one to hold on to. Is it possible to get your boyfriend back? While a lot depends on the circumstances and the people involved, in general most people take a while to move on and good relationships can be rekindled. Here are my top ten tips on how to get your boyfriend back.

1 What Went Wrong?

What Went Wrong?Photo Credit: bored-now

If you’ve split up, it happened for a reason. Repeating history isn’t a good idea, so it’s important that you determine what went wrong, and see how you can solve the problem in the future. For example, if you had an argument, find a better way to deal with anger. If either of you cheated, think about why and whether you can forgive each other and move on.

2 Be Strong

Be StrongPhoto Credit: c.zwerg

If you are in talks with your ex, or giving him time to consider it, then leave him alone. Don’t stalk him, or send constant texts or voicemails. Show him you don’t need him back, but you want him back. Being clingy will often push men further away.


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3 Meet up

Meet upPhoto Credit: *Peanut (Lauren)

Go to a restaurant, or a coffee shop. Seeing him again might be emotional, so be prepared, and try to stay composed. Think about where to hold the meet up. Pick somewhere you can talk. It's generally a better idea to meet in public so that you don't get carried away either emotionally or physically. Remember you are here to resolve your issues. Remain cool headed and remember that inspite of everything, you are friends!

4 Dress to Impress

Dress to ImpressPhoto Credit: Re✫rVieWmiRRr

While wearing your lowest cut top and shortest mini isn’t the best idea, wearing the top he loved and the jeans he couldn’t resist is! Wear sexy lingerieto boost your confidence, and spend time doing your hair and make-up. Show him what he is letting go, and you’ll feel much more confident.

5 Talk It over

Talk It overPhoto Credit: a la corey

Brushing the issue under the carpet never lasts long. Get to the point and talk about how unhappy you are, and what went wrong. Be mature, calm and attentive, and actually listen. For the relationship to be worth fixing, you both need to put effort in. If somebody cheated, listen to their reasons why, and if they regretted it.

6 Admit It when You Are Wrong

Admit It when You Are WrongPhoto Credit: combatron4

If he says you never listen, and you actually don’t, apologize. Denying it will convince him you won’t change, even if you will. Talk about why you aren’t happy, and accept the things that you do wrong. Nobody is perfect!

7 Leave the past

Leave the pastPhoto Credit: Sister72

Agree to discuss the past one last time, and then to move on. Bringing up past negatives doesn’t do any good, and just damages the relationship more. Say what you need to say, let him have a say, and then forget about it.

8 Don’t Try and Make Him Jealous

Don’t Try and Make Him JealousPhoto Credit: theaspiringphotographer

While it might be marketed as a successful tactic, by making him jealous, he is more likely to retaliate by getting a new girlfriend, and that will only add more obstacles. If you haven’t moved on, don’t act like it. Stay single, and avoid making him jealous on purpose.

9 Give Him Space

Give Him SpacePhoto Credit: lolilpopmika

If he needs time to think, give it to him. Clouding his vision will either cause him to reject you outright, or to agree and then change his mind. You want him to be as committed as you, so take a chance and let him think.

10 Move on

Move onPhoto Credit: ClaudiJay

If you aren’t getting anywhere, give up and get over it. You don’t need him, however much you might feel like it right now. Keep your head up, and remember that you are an amazing person, and you’ll find someone better. And delete his number, so that you don’t drunk text!

Before you start the process, think hard about whether you actually want him back, or if you just want a boyfriend. It’s unnecessary hurt for both parties to talk and then change your mind! And remember that being a single woman can be fun! Have you got a tip to get him back? Please share it with me!

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