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How to Snag a Guy - College Edition ...

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**By Shelly Larsen **

It's been awhile since I've been in college, enrolled that is, but I still occasionally find myself privy to the college happenings. Maybe it's because we live near a college town or maybe it's simply because I am young enough that I still hear dating stories and dilemmas. It's been an even longer time since I've been single, but I haven't forgotten all the silly, classically cliche and fabulously comical dating traps. I've compiled a list of my top five favorite ways to snag (or not) your favorite guy:

Tell him about all your old boyfriends often. The more you refer to, the better. It will show him how desirable you are.

Call him 8 or 9 times a day, especially the first week you meet him. It's particularly helpful if you have nothing to say when you call and just want to hear his voice.

• When you go to an important meeting with him,** bring a notebook and pen so you will make sure to look like you care what they are saying**. Offer to let him massage your back or play with your hair while the presenter is speaking.

Insist on country music radio stations when you drive with him. Talk about your fav singers on a first name basis and get upset if he doesn't share your love of country music, especially the girl power songs.

Introduce him to all your roommates as your boyfriend on your first date. Invite him to a family dinner within the first week and let him fend for himself amongst the fam.

Girls, follow these great ideas and you will be sure to snag your seriously hot piece of burning love in no time.

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