How to Make a Guy Fall in Love in 5 Dates ...


How to Make a Guy Fall in Love in 5 Dates ...
How to Make a Guy Fall in Love in 5 Dates ...

Would you like to get the guy that you really like fall in love with you in five dates?

When it comes to deciding where you want to go, don't guys always take our taste into consideration? Candlelit dinners, romantic strolls in the park – all these may be woman-friendly date – but how about we turn the tables for a change? has come up with a 5-step plan **which involves really **guy-friendly dates – to make the guy that you really like fall in love with you. Check 'em out:

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Treat Him to a Manly Dish!

Have you ever noticed how the foods **in most restos hardly ever make a dent on your plate? Men generally have big appetites – so **treat **him to a place where there are huge servings of ribs, burgers, steak or pizza. Going someplace sloppy will also allow you two to have some food foreplay, a.k.a. **lustily licking his fingers!


Get on the Green

He'll surely thank his lucky stars that he got to get a few hours on the driving range for you – while you make a 'play' for each other's affections.


Do a Dive-bar Crawl

Instead of club-hopping, treat him to a drink from one laid-back bar to another. When you sample a glass of the beer that the bars have in tap with him will definitely give you **plus points. **


Kick It up at a Carnival

What better time could a guy ask for than a trip to the local amusement park where you can win prizes, go roller-coaster riding and make out on the Ferris wheel?


Be the King and Queen of the Mattress

Have a pajama party for two – make out, take turns massaging **each other, play music, sip wine – do whatever you feel like doing right there in **bed! The problem is – he may find your pajama date too pleasurable that he'll never want to get out of it again!

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