7 Tips to Find a Man in 7 Days ...


You can’t hurry love... or so the song goes! But in this day and age, who has the time to sit around and wait for it to come to you? So instead of sitting back and waiting for Mr. Right to find his way into your life, spend a night getting ready to wow and then follow these tips tofind a man in just seven days...

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Notice Everyone

Notice Everyone Photo Credit: Ali K.

How much time do you spend actually noticing who is around you? Make sure that wherever you are, you’ve seen who else is there. My best friendmet her husband after buying him a drink at the pub quiz. Cute, right? But he’d been there, exactly the same, running that pub quiz for four years before she finally noticed him!


Social Networking

Social Networking Photo Credit: LarimdaME

Do you use Facebook or MySpace to their full potential? Look at your friends, your friend's friends, your friend's friend's friends, your suggested friends, other people in your groups, guys who catch your eye in photographs, then ask your friends to plan a meeting, or take the plunge and give him a cheeky poke!


Dating Websites

Dating Websites Photo Credit: aranarth

In this day and age, don't leave out the possibility of finding Mr. Right through online dating.Utilise free trials on dating sites and spend some free time setting up a profile and casually looking around. It won’t have cost you anything but time if you don’t find Mr. Right, but who knows? He might just be hiding behind one of the millions of Mr. Wrongs who are sure to be there...


Speed Dating

Speed Dating Photo Credit: Mr. T in DC

Make your own speed dating. Go to a wine bar at around 6 p.m., and see who comes in. Take a single friend, and dare each other to go and talk to the first guy who catches your eye and to flirtatiously demand he buys you a drink. You’ll get a mix of guys leaving work and early birds on a night out, so there should be someone you like! If not, you’ll have had a good night with a friend, at least.


Girls Night out

Instead of your usual Friday night in the pub, dress up and go to a bowling alley. Ask for the lane closest to the biggest group of all males, and ask the cutest one to show you how to hold the ball, how to bowl, or just for his number! This is a very fun, and pretty much an effortless way to get more guys into your life. And if it doesn’t get as far as you’d like in one night, make sure you’ve got his name and Facebook could come to the rescue!


Ladies Who Lunch

I have so many friends who found true love while on lunch dates with ex’s... but also a lot who decided to skip lunch and go out for a drink, which can easily lead to a trip back to his for coffee... Pick a classy restaurant, dress up, don't forget yourcute heels and only choose men who don't have a huge flaw. If you don’t have any possibilities, talk to friends about their exes, and see if they will set you up. Obviously don’t suggest that ex fiancé!


Pick a Wild Card

Send a coffee to the cute-but-not-your-type guy in the airport lounge, poke the man who's not your type but has matching hobbies to yours, tell your friend's brother that *insert-rival-club* is better than his favourite football/rugby team. Love isn’t always obvious, so taking a chance on a guy you’d previously written off could easily pay off! You might just find the start of yourlove story in the strangest places!

I forced my single friends to test these tricks, and am proud to announce that two now have boyfriends, and one has so many dates planned I’m not sure when she plans to go to work! Their biggest tips? Go out looking for love, but don’t judge the success of your night from it, and remember that you should be having a great night even if Mr. Right isn’t there. It takes time and luck, so keep going, and don’t give up after one night! And remember that it’s very easy to be too judgemental, but Mr. Right might be hiding in a bad jumper, or behind a horrible beard... Have you got a tip for finding a man in seven days? Please let me know!

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help me im really lost ineed some one now every one elese hasv a bf but me and i need HELP!

How to meet a man in 7 days? Go to an event by yourself! I love going to concerts solo because of all the interesting people you can meet, men and women alike. Gauranteed - a cute girl by herself at a great concert, you'll likely have at least ONE guy approach you (as long as you dont look like your sulking in the corner or pissed off at the world!). Plus you already have a million things to talk about (the bands, other people there, etc etc) AND you know you already share a common interest. Plus, if you dont meet anyone, at least you went out and did something you enjoy anyway!

Hey look i like tis boy but i dont know what to do i mean i be my self also i laugh a lot and more but i guess no one will ever like me cause i guess im UGLY witch im not im a 13 year old girl and i need help! what should i do? sighned lost and need help

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