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12 Pros and Cons of Online Dating ...

By Livia

Online dating is not a taboo subject anymore and people seem to take it more seriously than a few years ago. We are starting to accept online dating more and more as a genuine way to meet someone. Still, even now, many people do not take it seriously and ask themselves if it can work at all. Trust me: it can work. I have been dating someone online about seven years ago. It was a great experience at the time and we are happily married for more than 4 years now.

Like any controversial thing, <a title="10 Major Rules for Successful Online Dating …" href="">online dating has many pros and many cons. Here is the way I see it.

1 Saves Time

you can meet lots of people in relatively short time

2 Focused Search

You can “screen out” the people you definitely are not interested in, based on the information available online


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3 You Get to Know a Person Better in a Shorter Time

The other way around is also true, people tend to talk more openly when they are protected by anonymity

4 Attraction is More Based on Who You Are than Looks

... this also goes both ways

5 A Rejection Affects You Less

... than when that happens “face to face”

6 It is Safe in One Way

You do not need to reveal your name, address and other personal information

Cons of online dating on the next page ...

1 Not Safe in Other Ways

you don’t know who is really behind a profile; unfortunately there are still lots of creeps out there who pretend to be someone else online just to have some fun or worse

2 It Can Be Hard to Keep on

you miss out on the real dating process, going out, meeting, seeing and touching each other in real

3 Others Don’t Take You Seriously

there is a big chance that your family and friends will not approve and/or understand when you are dating someone online

4 You Need to Be Willing to Relocate

... in case you fall for someone who lives far away; eventually one of the two has to move to make it work

5 Addictive

you can end up spending many hours a day in front of your computer doing nothing else than looking for a date

6 Costly

if your search is not limited to free dating sites, it can become pricy in time

No one says finding someone is easy. However, internet offers so much more opportunities to meet someone… As long as you play it safe. Online dating experiences can be very different, some great, some not.

But isn’t that the case with real life dating as well?

Love and be loved ...

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