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6 Pros and Cons of Internet Dating ...

By Shanelle

With the highly busy schedule that I and most other women and men have conventional dating just does not seem to work. So I decided to try internet dating and see if it was for me. I really thought that when internet dating came around things would be easier than trying to meet someone the conventional way. In some aspects internet dating is not that bad, but in other ways it really suck.
you can pick the type of women/man you want to meet. With some sites you can chose from age, race, height, and interest. This is nice so that when you meet this person the hard parts over and all you have to see is if their personality works out for yours. It’s almost like putting in an order in your favorite catalog.

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some people are not as honest as they should be. You put in that you want a tall, intelligent, male in his late twenty’s. Will that’s all well and good but sometimes you get short, dumpy, high school dropout, in his early to mid forty’s.
most sites make it mandatory that you put a picture of what you look like. This is nice in the respect that when you go to meet this person you already know what they look like.

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pictures are all well and good but if someone puts a picture on their site/page that is twenty years older or better it tends to leave a bad taste in your mouth about internet dating. People need to know that you should put pictures on your page that are from this decade.

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When you decide to meet a person you can meet somewhere, where you both feel comfortable and safe. This is always a plus for me.
if it turns out that you and this person really do not have as many things in common as you thought they could possibly follow you and you could have your own stalker. But just to keep things safe make sure you let them know that you are not interested and preferably leave at different times and directions.

So which is better, well you are going to have to decide that for yourself. Either way good, bad, or indifferent you will meet some interested individuals. Also like any other form of dating keep things safe.

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