13 Things to Be Honest about in Your Online Profile ...

You’ve decided to take the plunge and use an online dating site. The first step is to find the right photos… but the second step is even harder — the online profile. How do you figure out what to say? What should you leave out, and what must you include? Here are the things you absolutely must be honest about when you fill out that profile page…

1. Marital Status

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First of all, if you’re married, you shouldn’t be on a dating site at all. That being said, there are relationship statuses in between “married” and“single.” Whatever your status, be honest about it.

2. Parental Status

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If youhave kids, want kids, or loathe them, be honest about that, too. This one can definitely come back and haunt you later!

3. Religious Views

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Even if religion isn’t an important part of your life, it might be to potential suitors, so describe your religious beliefs up front.

4. Political Views

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Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Liberal, or Conservative, chances are, you’re not going to be compatible with someone who doesn’t share your political views. Be frank about your views when creating anonline profile, but you don’t have to go into great detail.

5. Smoker?

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Myself, I wouldn’t waste my time with someone who is a smoker. I can’t! I have asthma! So if you smoke or not, list it honestly in your profile.

6. Drinker?

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Do youdrink alcohol? It may not seem like a big deal, but to a potential suitor who is a recovering or is a recovered alcoholic, it may be a deal-breaker, so be honest about your consumption of alcohol.

7. What You Want

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Are you looking to make a life-long love match, or just a new set of beaus? Do you want a spring fling, fall romance, cozy winter affair, or something more? Being up front about this, too, will be helpful.

8. Locale

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I used to fudge the part about where I livedbecause some suburbs had reputations. Again, though, honesty is best.

9. Employment Status

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This may not seem like something important, but for men in particular, employment status or career is something they’ll want to know before they send you that initial message. So whether you're a business woman, lawyer, teacher or a stay at home mom whofreelancesin her free time, be honest!

10. Income

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A lot of men feel threatened by a woman who makes more money than they do. And that can be a deal breaker in a relationship. It’s not fair, no, but it’s true in a lot of cases, so be honest about your income, if there’s a space on your profile for that.

11. Appearance

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Of course we’re all going to select the most flattering photos of ourselves to post on our profile, right? But don’t post a photo that doesn’t look anything like you look right now. If you’ve gained orlost a lot of weight, or if you’ve cut your hair short or grown it out, ask a friend to take a new set of photos for you.

12. Interests

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Whether you’re a high-maintenance girlie-girl who enjoys global travel and spa pedicures or a tomboy who would much rather be hiking or mountain-biking, be honest about what your passions and pursuits, or you might end up on a date with a man you have absolutely nothing in common with!

13. Age

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This one goes hand-in-hand with “Appearance.” Be candid about your age. You might look very young for a forty-year-old, or very mature for a twenty-year-old, but the truth is always best when it comes to actual years.

Your mother was right — the truth is always best! Especially when you’re using an online dating site to help you find a partner or just a date. Have you tried online dating? What did you tell the truth about and what did you fudge a little? Please let me know… thanks!

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