10 Dating Bloopers You Just Have to Avoid


10 Dating Bloopers You Just Have to Avoid
10 Dating Bloopers You Just Have to Avoid

Alright, so you are just about to launch yourself into the dating scene. Maybe you’ve got your fingers burnt before. It doesn’t matter. Everyone deserves a fresh start. Read on to find out 10 dating bloopers**** you just ****have to avoid!

"First dates can be stressful, especially if you’re virtual strangers who know nothing about each other. The trick is getting the other person to relax and open up so the conversation can flow freely. This will help you relax as well."

Isabella Snow
Ms. Droopy
Maybe you don’t like the way you look. Maybe your nose is crooked or your big toe is far too big! Who cares? Stay positive!Learn to love yourself. Don’t prepare for rejection if you don’t want to be turned down. Respect yourself and enter that date with dignity.
Geek magnet?
If you seem to attract all the weird, nerdy guys out there, maybe it’s the way you dress! **Dress smart and take a good look **at the mirror before you meet your date. You don’t want to have an extra roller somewhere in your hair or an eye with undone makeup.

"Dressing like early sleazy may get his attention but not his affection. Try peekaboo styles that leave something to the imagination. Make crochet or sheer tops and slit skirts your weapons of choice."

Dandy,Lovers Manual
Body odour
This may be so obvious but it is strange how so many people go out on dates without spraying on some deodorant! Smelling good is like an aphrodisiac. After all, you want to take his breath away but in a positive sense!
Order something you can eat
You may want to be polite and order what he’s having but get something you can actually eat. Don’t go for a large burger with dripping cheese. Order something where you can take smaller bites so your lipstick stays on and intact!
Going overboard with the future!
You haven’t been on the second date yet and you find yourself fantasizing about spending your life with him! We girls do that a lot! Get a hold of yourself and be practical. Take each date as it comes!

"You mentioned marriage & kids... The minute you start to mention commitments of any kind that go beyond the potential second date, you’ve probably lost him."

Justin, LadyThrills
Old baggage - not good
If you** keep talking about your ex-boyfriend you can say goodbye to your new relationship. Keep your old baggage behind and judge your date on his own merits. **No one likes being second best. Period.

"Carrying old baggage into a new relationship can be disastrous. Sure we've all had previous relationships, and yes your new love will find out about them. But, if you are constantly complaining about your ex, or always comparing your current love to your ex, it will get real old, real fast."

Marie Claire,Dating Women Online
Getting inquisitive
You may be dying to find out about every member of his family. Back away! Don’t frighten him away. Get to know him a little and don’t play the FBI role on your first date. Just relax and let things happen naturally.
Bending backwards to please
He may be a complete genius but that doesn’t mean you have to be a doormat. There is no need for you to go the extra mile to please your date unless he or she is also doing the same. Make sure you’re getting as much out of it as he is.
Instigating a fight!
You’ve just had a lovely date with a nice guy. He’s driving you home. Think of topics that are neutral to discuss. Stay away from religion, politics and other sensitive issues.
Obsessing over it
Did I say something I shouldn’t have? Why didn’t he call like when he said he would? Did I mess things up? Stop worrying. Everybody makes mistakes**** and it doesn’t matter. If he’s the one then he’ll be back!

"Learn how to say good bye to your date. Do not ask him the leading question: “When will I see you again”? Do not press on him... The initiative of the next date should come from a man. Thank him for the great evening and disappear like a fairy into the night."

First Date Mistakes
So follow these tips and you will soon be a dating pro! Above all, just learn to relax and have some fun. Dates are meant to be a fun experience!

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I think you need to ask yourself why you talk about your ex's. Move forward, not back. He'll ask you about your ex's in due time. And remember, there are two ways to describe an apple; - It's an odd shaped fruit, usually discolored and bruised and sometimes tastes mealy, or - It's the greatest, most healthiest fruit in the world, beautiful inside and out and succulent with every bite. How will you describe your ex's with your new boyfriend? And another thing, if the ex's are still in the picture, get rid of them soon if you haven't already. Ex's are like a ball and chain for a new relationship.

This is my problem. I always talk about my previous relationships and this usually is a big turn off to many men.

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