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5 Things to Make or Buy for Easter ...

By Meream

This time of the year, i'm sure all of us are busy through the easter holidays putting together cute little easter goodies and rushing in for last-minute supplies. Here are some really cute things that you could make or go out and buy for Easter.

1 Make Striped Crochet Eggs

Oh man, this makes me wish I know how to crochet. Aren't the colors of these easter eggs just wonderful? Big thanks to Julie-K for the tutorial.

2 Buy a Complete Outfit for an Easter Party

The bunny necklace is a must. So is the pastel floral dress. You know what, everything listed here is a MUST.

3 Make Your Very Own Peeps

If you love those marshmallow chicks, consider making your very own. I have made marshmallows before and the experience was quite fun. I may make another batch and shape them into chick treats.

4 Buy Easter Bath Treats

After your long Easter activities, hop into the bathtub with these cute bath bombs. The Hippy Chick bath bombs can keep your rubber ducky company.

5 Make Easter Felt Cookies

These are very easy to make, even your kid brother or sister can help. You can also hang them around the house for more Easter decor fun.
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