12 Best Stocking Stuffers ...


12 Best Stocking Stuffers ...
12 Best Stocking Stuffers ...

Yay! You’ve finished your holiday shopping, everything’s wrapped and under the tree, and you’ve even finished baking your Christmas cookies. But did you remember stocking stuffers? If not, here’s a list of the twelve best-ever stocking stuffers, perfect for filling the stockings of girlfriends or boyfriends alike…

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Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Price: $3.00 at burtsbees.com
If there’s a better lip balm out there, I haven’t been able to find it! This lip balm is 100% natural, and comes in a tube or a tin. It’s loaded with coconut and sunflower oils, with a little peppermint oil for a cool little tingle. This is the product that made Burt’s Bees a household name! For your girlfriend, choose the honey or pomegranate variety. For a guy, there’s the plain Beeswax version. Tuck a tube or two into your sweetheart’s stocking for kissable lips all winter long!


<<REW Cassette Tape Headphone Winder

<<REW Cassette Tape Headphone Winder Price: $4.95 at baronbob.com
Rest assured, if your headphone cords get all tangled and mangy, they must get that way for your sweetheart, too. Why not end that frustrating, messy problem in a very cool, retro-style way? This is a tiny version of the 1980’s cassette tape, made just for spooling pesky tangle-prone headphone cords. Available in blue or red, either one would make an excellent stocking stuffer for the music fan on your list, boyfriend or girlfriend.


Pirate Bandages

Pirate Bandages Price: $9.00 at girlzlyfe.com
Ahoy, matey! Even tough, manly pirates get boo-boo’s sometimes, right? Don’t cover them up with boring old land-bubber beige bandages — use these instead! While this may seem like more of a stocking stuffers for guys only, I know a few tomboys would prefer these over the Hello Kitty version. This neat metal tin has 13 bandages in two sizes… three extra-large pirate flags for big cuts and abrasions, and ten wee skulls for tiny boo-boos. There’s also a surprise gift inside… an extra stocking stuffer!


Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener

Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener Price: $9.00 at girlzlyfe.com
Use his little silver-tone key to wind him up and watch him walk… then use him to sharpen your colored or regular No. 2 pencils. He’s useful and will keep you company at the office! He’s four inches tall, and comes in three cool colors, red, silver, or blue. He would make an excellent stocking stuffer for just about anyone on your list, male or female, especially for an avid sci-fi fan or antique toy collector.


Skeleton Key Caps

Skeleton Key Caps Price: $6.00 at girlzlyfe.com
If you’re anything like me, you’re prone to losing or just “misplacing” your keys every now and again. Or worse, you have all of your keys, but you can’t tell the key for your flat apart from your key to HIS flat. No more fumbling in the cold and dark for the right key! Use or give these glow-in-the-dark skeleton key caps — the blue on is for HIS flat, the pink one for YOURS. Give him a set in his stocking, so you both always know which key goes where… and the glow-in-the-dark materials helps you find your keys in the bottom of your handbag or in the movie theater… cool! There are six multi-colored skulls in each package, so if you do give them as a stocking stuffer, that’s more than enough to share!


Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Price: $6.62 at britishfoodshop.com
What holiday stocking is complete without one of these? It’s made of delicious milk (or white or dark) chocolate with real orange oil. Like the box says, just tap and unwrap to enjoy one of twenty section of chocolate. Yum! The chocolate ball comes wrapped in shiny foil, then in a box (so it doesn’t get smashed). They’re heavy, so make sure the stocking you’re going to drop it into doesn’t already have something fragile inside, and also make sure the stocking holder can bear the weight!


Microphone Shower Sponge

Microphone Shower Sponge Price: $9.00 at girlzlyfe.com
Does your sweetheart sing in the shower? Mine does… and I admit it, so do I. Depending on how out-of-tune they are, you may or may not want to encourage their habit by adding this little sponge to their stocking. It’s a durable sponge treated with anti-microbial material, and it measures about the same size as a real microphone, almost 9 inches tall by 3 inches wide. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you can include a few other shower products - maybe a rubber ducky, too!


Lego-type IPod Speaker

Lego-type IPod Speaker Price: $25.00 – 30.00 at girlzlyfe.com
If your sweetie can’t live without their iPod, then this is an ideal stocking stuffer! Plug your iPod into the top, tap the little plus signs on the front to increase or decrease volume, and take your tunes with you! I love that this speaker doesn’t require any batteries or plug-ins. It runs on pure iPod power, baby! It can go anywhere, from the beach, to the car, to your desk at work! It works with all the different kinds of iPod, too! Choose one of six regular colors (red, yellow, green, blue, black, or white) or two metallic colors (silver or gold) and this will be the best stocking stuffer this year!


Marc Jacobs Latin Rings

Marc Jacobs Latin Rings Price: $3.00 marcjacobs.com
These rings are sentimental and cerebral at the same time. Give one to be worn alone, or two or more to stack! They’re made of lead-free allow with a silver plating, and there are six special messages: Nemo Nisi Mors - No one but death shall part us; Veritas Inlustrat - Truth enlightens; Serva Me Serva Bote - Save me and I will save you; Inter Nos - Between us; Tibi In Omne Tempus - For you forever; and Datum Amore Ad Defend - Given in love for protection. Skip the cheesy “roses are red, violets blue” and give one (or two, or three!) of these instead!


Unmentionables Cards

Unmentionables Cards Price: $6.95 at shineboxprint.com
If your sweetheart is just too nice to tell off the rude guy at the coffee shop, or that annoying girl at the office, then this would be a great stocking stuffer! It’s a matchbook of cards to leave behind when you get poor service at a restaurant or shop, or to hand to that guy on the train who’s talking way too loud on his cell phone. The monsters on the cards are charming and hilarious, and the messages get the point across. They include “Stop it” and “With those customer service skills, you should work for the government” and “If I wanted to her you talk on the phone, I’d give you my number.” I love them!


Java Rocks

Java Rocks Price$ 10.00 at uncommongoods.com

Coffee lovers will be thrilled to find this unique sweet in their stocking! The set includes two tubes of lava-rock shaped candy flavored with coffee and chocolate. Worried about a crazy caffeine buzz? Fear not! These have only as much caffeine as a regular bar of chocolate, but they’re so much cooler! These are made in Nevada and taste really good! So if your sweetie is a coffee fiend, add these to their stocking!


Wild Animal Origami Set

Wild Animal Origami Set Price: $10.00 at uncommongoods.com
Can’t afford to take your sweetie on safari? Put this in their stocking instead! It’s an origami set, including animal-print paper and an instruction booklet for creating everything from elephants to zebras! The pre-printed 6 by 6 inch papers make the animals more realistic, and the instruction booklet makes folding them easy! It’s hard to stay occupied in the weeks after Christmas, but this little set will give your loved one something fun to do, with a menagerie of animals to show for it!

Honey, are you reading this? I’m really hoping I’ll get some of these in my stocking this year. I’ve been good — even Santa agrees! There are so many cool stocking stuffers on this list, I can’t choose which I like best. What about you? Which is your favorite? Which will you be giving your sweetheart this year? Or is there another stocking stuffer you’ve found that’s sure to please?

Photo Credit: boopsie.daisy

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The worst bathroom singer is my sister! She's louuud! I'm more of a silent hummer. I do the occasional "Thank you" speech with my dryer though. :p

I didn't know there were cool headphone winders! I must get me one.

I love #7!! It makes singing in the shower even more fun (: I actually get yelled at to shut up when i'm singing in the shower. lol!! But if i got that, my parents wouldn't be able to yell at me! lol!

Rose, how can your parents not appreciate hearing you singing in the shower? Everyone sounds like a star, singing in the shower....the voice just carries so nicely. I love it!

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