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5 Snacks to Make and Mix...

By Meream

1 Cinnamon Twist

I have a weakness for cinnamon. Give me any type of bread with cinnamon and I will be your slave forever. If you make me these cinnamon twists, I will convince myself you hung the moon.

2 Raspberry and Lime Freeze

Who says you can't snack on something that has a hint of vodka? This one is very easy to make and the result is very, very pretty.

3 Creamy Corn with Sugar Snap Peas

One look and you'll know this little dish is very healthy. Choose this over pre-packed snacks and you'll be good to go.

4 Lemon Poppyseed Zucchini Bread

No other food phrase makes me happy than "lemon poppyseed." It just makes me smile! Now my oven and I are not the best of friends but we might just try this recipe one of these days.

5 Crunchy Caramel Corn

Now THIS is pure delight. I can drop anything I'm doing for a movie date just so I can buy myself yummy popcorn. But this homemade variety is making me consider popping them in my very own kitchen.

Top Photo Credit: Emily

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