7 Food Ideas for Lunch ...

There’s no reason for lunchtime to be a chore. I have plenty of quick entrees that can be made for a great mid-day meal. Here are 7 food ideas for lunch that I find to be very useful when I’m in a hurry and need to make something quickly for my hungry crowd.

7. Shrimp Pasta Salad

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For this, you’ll need to cook your pasta first and make sure it is rinsed well in cold water. Add a bit of olive oil to the pasta when it has been drained and rinsed. This will keep it from clumping together. I use a 12 ounce package of pasta for this recipe. Toss in a cup of sour cream, a few tablespoons of minced garlic, a cup or two of frozen peas that have been thawed, and then seasoning to taste. I like to add salt, pepper, parsley flakes, and fresh thyme. Once this is all mixed together I add the shrimp. Use the cocktail shrimp in the freezer section. Let them set in some cool water for a few minutes, drain, and then toss them into the pasta mixture.

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