7 Safe Ideas for School Snack Time ...


7 Safe Ideas for School Snack Time ...
7 Safe Ideas for School Snack Time ...

It’s time for school again and it’s going to be time to get them snacks for class and lunch time. If you don’t want your kid to choke on their snack, I suggest you think carefully about what to send them for snack time. Please read my 7 Safe Ideas for School Snack Time…

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Apple Shavings

Apple Shavings Photo Credit: christmascarol

Apples can be easily choked on, but if you take a cheese grater or a potato peeler and start peeling the apple pieces off, you will lower the chances. You first should take the red skin off to avoid problems with choking and cuts in the gums.



Pudding Photo Credit: Hugo Provoste

Pudding is quick, easy and doesn’t take much to eat. They can’t choke or have problems with pudding, unless they get it all over them. At the age of 6 they should know how to eat pudding without wearing it.


Fruit Bowls

Fruit Bowls Photo Credit: urtica

Assorted fruits are a healthy snack and brain food for school. However, avoid grapes, because they can cause choking. This is excellent brain food that helps them go through the day.


Fruit Gels

Fruit Gels Photo Credit: robothand

These fruit gels are like Jello, but have fruit in them. The food comes in a small cup that makes a easy snack easy to eat. They get tons of nutrients and vitamins in this snack.


Trail Mix

Trail Mix Photo Credit: FlitterG

All kids like trail mix foods and they have tons of nutrients in a small snack. Try to get the trail mix with the chex mix and crackers in them. Avoid the raisin type and nuts. They could choke on them.


Small Cracker Packs

Small Cracker Packs Photo Credit: O moon

A cracker with cheese or peanut butter is very good for the brain and a snack that could help them through the day. They also enjoy the taste and come back for more.



Applesauce Photo Credit: erincooks

Applesauce has tons of different flavors and helps them get their vitamins and minerals. This is a perfect snack for any kid of any size and it’s healthy. Teachers prefer easier types of snacks, because they need to get back to work and keep energy levels healthy to do work.

Snack time in school is very important and should be done at any age. Children in school get hungry in the morning time and after P.E, so it’s important to give them something to eat during this time. Does your child need snacks in school?

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If you peel off the apple there will be maximum loss of nutrition apart from browning. Jello s are high sugar product and should be avoided.

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