7 Delicious Pomegranate Foods ...

Since I was little, I’ve loved pomegranates. They’re so sweet and delicious, and slightly exotic. I’ve been thrilled the past couple of years, as they’re become more mainstream… they’re even being credited for being a powerful antioxidant! If you’d like to try pomegranate or a food or drink with pomegranate in it, but you’re not sure where to start, I can help! Here’s my list of 7 delicious pomegranate foods, all by my favorite pomegranate brand, POM! And they’re all available at amazon.com through the POM website.

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If you’re reluctant to try this iced coffee because you’re afraid it will taste like pomegranates, don’t worry — it tastes just like the iced coffees you love (chocolate, vanilla, and café au lait), with a healthy antioxidant kick of pomegranate extract, without the pomegranate flavor. Get the great, rich coffee tastes you love, with a boost!

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