8 Great Wraps ...


I’m talking fashion here, not food – although I am quite fond of the edible version as well. A wrap or light shawl is perfect summer wear, as it’s easy to carry and you can cover your shoulders if the evenings are a bit cool. It’s also useful for extra protection against the sun. Here I’ve picked out some pretty wraps from the many available.

1. Cotton Handwoven

Cotton Handwoven

Price: $12.50 at etsy.com

What I like about this shawl is the open weave pattern. This makes it look just as a handmade product should. There are lots of colours available, so you can choose one to suit you or your outfits.

2. Caribbean Dream

Caribbean Dream

Price: $15 at etsy.com

How’s this for colourful? I think this wrap is well named, with its bright tones. It’s also versatile, and can be used as a top (unlike the previous example, which might be a little too revealing …).

3. Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf

Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf

Price: $20 at etsy.com

This would be lovely for a summer wedding, and is versatile enough to do duty for all occasions. The scarf has a print of a flower head on a cream background, which looks really original. It could also be worn wrapped around the head if you want to rock that sports car look.

4. Black Faux Fur Mink

Black Faux Fur Mink

Price: $25 at etsy.com

Give me fake fur any day over the real thing … I have a wrap just like this, but in white, and it makes a plain dress look fab. It won’t keep you warm in really cold weather, but sometimes you just want to look and feel good!

5. Black Lace Shawl

Black Lace Shawl

Price: $18 at etsy.com

This shawl has a great diamond pattern. I love the fringe detail as well. You can also use it to wrap around your hips on the beach (over a bikini, of course …).

6. Golden Tree Nuno Felt Wrap

Golden Tree Nuno Felt Wrap

Price: $115 at etsy.com

If you feel like splashing out, treat yourself to this gorgeous wrap. Or do you have a birthday coming up? Drop a hint to your loved one. It’s a great choice if you prefer natural fibres, as it’s made of merino wool and silk.

7. Handpainted Silk Scarf

Handpainted Silk Scarf

Price: $100 at etsy.com

Wow, this scarf is truly a piece of art. Indeed, the seller suggests that as well as wearing it, you can display it as an artwork. It would also make a stunning evening wrap.

8. Green Summer Shawl

Green Summer Shawl

Price: $10 at etsy.com

Now, this is a bargain. Just $10 will buy you this lovely dark green scarf, which can be used in lots of different ways. It has soft stripes in a similar tone, and I love the colour, which is striking but not too strong.

Do you own any wraps, and do you like versatile pieces? What’s the most you’d spend on a scarf or wrap?