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I’ve often said that in the next life, I want to come back asa cat. This is especially true when I read of owners that love their pets so much, they leave them a fortune in their will. Here are some pampered pets who live a life of luxury that most humans can only dream of.

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Countess Karlotta Liebenstein's German Shepherds

Countess Karlotta Liebenstein's German Shepherds Countess Karlotta Liebenstein clearly had too much money, since she left $124 million to her two German Shepherds. The canine duo were clearly clued up on the investment front, as their fortune has reputedly grown to over $370 million. There is no truth in the rumor that they have blown millions on drugs andfast cars.

Photo Credit: dog ma



Jasper Jasper was rescued from Battersea Dog’s Home shortly before he was about to be put to sleep. As if this wasn’t a big enough stroke of luck, his new owner was a wealthy heiress. The heiress soon died, leaving Jasper a very wealthy pooch. Coincidence? I think not …

Photo Credit: noahwesley



Blackie Now as a cat-lover, I approve of this one. Ben Rea left £9 million to cat charities, and to his own cat, the imaginatively named Blackie. Blackie was certainly a lucky black cat – Mr Rea’s relatives, on the other hand, didn’t inherit a penny.

Photo Credit: Kbça Marinha


150 Cattle and Sheep

150 Cattle and Sheep £3 million might not sound so much when shared between 150 beneficiaries. However, the average bovine and ovine probably aren’t too greedy. Yes, the recipients of this largesse were cattle and sheep. The benefactor? The late Queen Mother.

Photo Credit: Rolf F.


Tibby the Tortoise

Tibby the Tortoise One wonders what Tibby the Tortoise plans to spend his £50,000 inheritance on. I don’t suppose he’ll be planning to move house, although you could buy a lot of lettuce and fruit with that. However tortoises do live a very long time …

Photo Credit: suziesparkle


Chimpanzee Kalu

Chimpanzee Kalu Chimpanzee Kalu inherited a phenomenal $80 million, so he’ll have a hard time blowing that lot. He’s probably had a lot of begging letters from African princes …

Photo Credit: Megan Lorenz



Gigoo What’s the lifespan of the average hen? It may not be that long, but Gigoo the hen must have enjoyed every minute of it after inheriting £3 million. Hopefully she did something philanthropic like rescuing less fortunate battery hens …

Photo Credit: ~ naim



Tinker They say that cats are very smart animals, and Tinker certainly proved it. The stray decided to befriend a widow, but not just any little old lady. Mrs Lane left her the equivalent of $1 million. Obviously being a black cat helped …

Photo Credit: fofurasfelinas

Now, as a cat-lover I can understand that people want to make sure theirbeloved petswill be cared for. But do you think leaving them hundreds of thousands, or even millions, is going a bit far? What would you do for your pets?

Top Photo Credit: fofurasfelinas

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Lucky lucky pets! Sometimes I fantasize that a long lost uncle will leave his many fortunes to me. If only...

I think thats awesome! I would totally leave my dog money. Too often when people pass away their pets wind up in a pound and are put to sleep :( Besides being wealthy enough to leave your dog $180 million would leave you wondering who your real friends were and who just wanted your money. Your pet loves you unconditionally, so I think it's well deserved. I would give a huge chunk to animal charities too though. :)

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