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7 Best Pets for Families with Kids ...

By Jennifer

I remember my first pet, a beagle named Sneakers who had a talent for hopping on the kitchen counter and opening the cookie jar, eating everything he could manage before someone walked in on his thievery. Sneakers was a fantastic pet for the whole family, and I miss him still. If your kids are ready for a pet, and have been begging for one for as long as you can remember, then it might be time for a Sneakers or Spot or Fluffy. But which pet is right for your family? Here’s my list of the top pets for families with kids…

1 Dog

DogPhoto Credit: dvm559

How many books and movies have been written about boys and their dogs? There’s a reason for that… dogs make great pets for children. They’re loyal and friendly but they do need a lot of care. Before you bring a dog home, you need to research breeds to make sure you’re getting a dog that’s good with children. Try a Brittney Spaniel or a Labrador, but avoid a Dalmatian or a Rottweiler or Pit Bull.

2 Fish

FishPhoto Credit: Jonas Rask

They’re colorful, pretty, and interesting to watch. A fish would make a great pet for a child! Let your little one choose a fish, and let them help set up the tank or bowl. You’ll probably need to do the cleaning and maintenance of the tank, but let your child do the daily feeding.


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3 Cat

CatPhoto Credit: .rosebud.

Cats are fantastic pets for children because they’re soft and furry. But some children can be put off by their occasional aloofness and some cats don’t enjoy the attention of active, loud children. Be sure your cat likes kids and vice versa. Also, make sure you know in advance who will be responsible for feeding and watering the cat and changing the litter box.

4 Bird

BirdPhoto Credit: cender

Children who love music might enjoy having a songbird for a pet. Birds make excellent pets for families who don’t have a lot of space, and they’re very easy to care for. There are so many colorful, charming breeds, you’re sure to find one your family will love!

5 Hamster

HamsterPhoto Credit: pyza*

Hamsters and gerbils are also good pets for families with limited space. They can be snuggly and sweet, and they’re small, so most children can handle them without fear. On the downside, they do require a lot of care, and their cages can be smelly if not cleaned as often as they should be.

6 Turtle

TurtlePhoto Credit: 3rd foundation

With the popularity of Nick Jr.’s “The Wonder Pets,” turtles have become popular pets for families with kids. They’re small and colorful, and are very interesting for little kids to watch. Again, though, their tanks can become quite smelly if they’re not cleaned often, and some children may be afraid of their reptilian appearance.

7 Rabbit

RabbitPhoto Credit: Sjaek

Soft, furry, and adorable creatures! Rabbits can make good pets for older children, but may not be suitable for little ones. They’re relatively easy to care for, but many breeds don’t enjoy being handled, so be careful when choosing a rabbit for your kids.

With so many wonderful pets to choose from, it’s not going to be easy to choose just one! Bear in mind that choosing the right pet may take some time, and that not all kids will love all pets. What kind of pet does your family have? How did you choose your pet? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Dawn the Librarian

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