7 Best Pets for Families with Kids ...


7 Best Pets for Families with Kids ...
7 Best Pets for Families with Kids ...

I remember my first pet, a beagle named Sneakers who had a talent for hopping on the kitchen counter and opening the cookie jar, eating everything he could manage before someone walked in on his thievery. Sneakers was a fantastic pet for the whole family, and I miss him still. If your kids are ready for a pet, and have been begging for one for as long as you can remember, then it might be time for a Sneakers or Spot or Fluffy. But which pet is right for your family? Here’s my list of the top pets for families with kids…

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How many books and movies have been written about boys and their dogs? There’s a reason for that… dogs make great pets for children. They’re loyal and friendly but they do need a lot of care. Before you bring a dog home, you need to research breeds to make sure you’re getting a dog that’s good with children. Try a Brittney Spaniel or a Labrador, but avoid a Dalmatian or a Rottweiler or Pit Bull.



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They’re colorful, pretty, and interesting to watch. A fish would make a great pet for a child! Let your little one choose a fish, and let them help set up the tank or bowl. You’ll probably need to do the cleaning and maintenance of the tank, but let your child do the daily feeding.



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Cats are fantastic pets for children because they’re soft and furry. But some children can be put off by their occasional aloofness and some cats don’t enjoy the attention of active, loud children. Be sure your cat likes kids and vice versa. Also, make sure you know in advance who will be responsible for feeding and watering the cat and changing the litter box.



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Children who love music might enjoy having a songbird for a pet. Birds make excellent pets for families who don’t have a lot of space, and they’re very easy to care for. There are so many colorful, charming breeds, you’re sure to find one your family will love!



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Hamsters and gerbils are also good pets for families with limited space. They can be snuggly and sweet, and they’re small, so most children can handle them without fear. On the downside, they do require a lot of care, and their cages can be smelly if not cleaned as often as they should be.



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With the popularity of Nick Jr.’s “The Wonder Pets,” turtles have become popular pets for families with kids. They’re small and colorful, and are very interesting for little kids to watch. Again, though, their tanks can become quite smelly if they’re not cleaned often, and some children may be afraid of their reptilian appearance.



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Soft, furry, and adorable creatures! Rabbits can make good pets for older children, but may not be suitable for little ones. They’re relatively easy to care for, but many breeds don’t enjoy being handled, so be careful when choosing a rabbit for your kids.

With so many wonderful pets to choose from, it’s not going to be easy to choose just one! Bear in mind that choosing the right pet may take some time, and that not all kids will love all pets. What kind of pet does your family have? How did you choose your pet? Please let me know!

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I am sick of the people sayign pit bulls and rottweilers make bad family dogs, you clearly did not do the research. These dogs are actually BETTER for children then an overly energetic lab. They are great calm dogs, and the only ones that have attacked were trained specifically to do so. I would trust my child with a pit bull over a poodle, lab, and even some goldens. You are assuming bad things from the news you have seem, I don't think that you should be writing this article if you haven't researched the animals. I have worked in shelters and shown my dogs, and this is a terrible representation of a breed. Also, declawing cats is a very wrong thing to do. It kills the cat ultimately, turning off the sense of balance shifting the spine, organs, and kills the animal far sooner then a natural animal would die. Claw caps are much safer for the children and animal. Declawed cats are afraid of their world and will bite far more often. I also do not support rabbits as a child's pet. At the moment I have a rabbit, and when not fixed they are sexually frustrated and violent, and even fixed are grumpy and hurt kids. I would add in guinea pigs, a gentle rodent who hardly ever bites and are sturdy, and rats, who are clean fun and gentle.

Wow - stopped reading after dogs. Apparently I should have continued. TOTALLY agree. We don't allow declawing on our adoption contract. One of our adopters broke that rule without our knowledge and returned the cat to us recently because it starting spraying. We found out it had a UTI because (as said above) a common side effect of declawing is aversion to the litterbox. Caused his own problem - idiot.

As the saying goes, "there are no bad dogs - only bad owners". Any breed of dog is capable of causing injury if they are not raised with love and treated with respect. The same philosphy can be applied to all domestic pets and children should be taught to understand natural behaviour and respect the animal's boundaries. Animals are not playthings there for our entertainment and amusement, they are sentient creatures capable of feeling pain and emotions. This is why I am so disgusted that you suggest declawing a cat before it's even moved into it's new home. This is wrong on so many levels. Not only is declawing the painful and totally unnecessary amputation of their toes, but you are making an assumption that cats cannot be trusted to be gentle around chidlren. Vets here in the UK have always refused to declaw and never even offer it as an option. Instead we are taught as children to understand the cat is not a toy and that if we upset them, we could end up getting scratched. This teaches us a healthy respect for the cat and more aware of their body language so that we understand when they want to be left alone. A pet should be a cherished member of the family. So our decision on which species of animal to adopt should also include "which one can we provide the most enriching environment and happy lifestyle for?".

I have been lurking on this site, but as someone who has dedicated their life to dog rescue, I can't help but be outraged at number 1. A dog should be judged on their temperament and not on their breed. It has been shown that pit bulls are actually one of the BEST breeds with children - they are called the "nanny's dog". They also have one of the highest rates of passing the canine good citizen tests and are used quite often as therapy dogs. One of the MOST aggressive dogs I've ever met (and I'm a veterinary technician) was a Labrador. Dogs shouldn't be punished for stupid people. And Pit Bulls certainly should get the chance to be family dogs like any other. Unless trained to be otherwise, most Pit Bulls are gentle, loving dogs. I am sorry if I came across as nasty, but this is really something I'm passionate about. When you work in a kill shelter every day trying to save dogs and see that most of the dogs being euthanized are wonderful wonderful Pit Bulls because people are scared to adopt them because of the stigma, I feel the need to speak out.

I just read the article and the comments, and wonder how many of you actually have children? Have you heard, or don't you care to remember, news stories about children being attacked by their pets!! A little 3 year old girl, had her face pulled off by her family pet dog, and her aunt blamed the little girl for teasing the dog. Lighten up pet lovers, and also think of the safety of the children who are damaged for life because of these animals. If you have animals and children, educate yourself about both, and never try to blame a child for provoking an animal to attack. I love animals, but do not trust them alone with children, and neither should anyone else!!!!

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