7 Best Pets for Families with Kids ...

I remember my first pet, a beagle named Sneakers who had a talent for hopping on the kitchen counter and opening the cookie jar, eating everything he could manage before someone walked in on his thievery. Sneakers was a fantastic pet for the whole family, and I miss him still. If your kids are ready for a pet, and have been begging for one for as long as you can remember, then it might be time for a Sneakers or Spot or Fluffy. But which pet is right for your family? Here’s my list of the top pets for families with kids…

1. Dog

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How many books and movies have been written about boys and their dogs? There’s a reason for that… dogs make great pets for children. They’re loyal and friendly but they do need a lot of care. Before you bring a dog home, you need to research breeds to make sure you’re getting a dog that’s good with children. Try a Brittney Spaniel or a Labrador, but avoid a Dalmatian or a Rottweiler or Pit Bull.

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