7 Cute Furry Animals ...


7 Cute Furry Animals ...
7 Cute Furry Animals ...

Animals are cute! How could you not like them? It will be hard for me to do a blog on the 7 cute furry animals. Not because I don’t know of any, but because I know of too many! It’s hard to list just 7 of them, so maybe this blog will continue throughout the weeks. Below, I am going to list some 7 cute furry animals

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The Bunny Rabbit

The Bunny Rabbit Photo Credit: maxime.dehaye

Come on, who doesn’t love the bunny rabbit? I like the really big ones. I had one that loved to walk around my home. He also loved to eat a lot. He was very cuddly, but when he got mad when I was holding him, his back feet would hurt me when he started kicking them.


Red Panda

Red Panda Photo Credit: *Curt*

Oh, this one is amazing. They have the nickname of a shining cat. This is a small arboreal mammal. They are slightly larger than a domestic cat. They have reddish-brown fur, a waddling gait because the legs up front are shorter than the ones in the back and a long, shaggy tail. They are mainly active from dusk to dawn. They range from Nepal to the west in China in the east. They are also found in Northern India, Bhutan and northern Myanmar.



Fox Photo Credit: mikebaird

I like the fox. I see them running wild a lot in my area. They are small to medium-sized. They are slightly smaller than a medium sized domestic dog. They have a long narrow snout and a bushy tail. There are 47 species that are referred to as foxes. Twelve of those species belong to the Vulpes genus of “true foxes.” The most common is the red fox.


Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger Photo Credit: CharlesSF

Come on, they are cute. They have fur, so why can’t I put them on this blog? The Siberian tiger is an amazing tiger. They are also known as Korean, Altaic, North China, Amur or Ussuri tiger. They are a species that range from Central Asia, Western Asia and Eastern Russia.


The Pygmy Marmoset

The Pygmy Marmoset Photo Credit: joshbousel

Wow. This is a cute critter! The pygmy marmoset is the smallest monkey known. They only weigh in at 3.5 to 5 ounces and they measure fourteen inches from head to the tip of their tails when they are adults. They spend their lives in trees of the upper Amazon basin and the lowland forest areas in Southeastern Colombia, Ecuador, Western Brazil and Peru. These little monkeys inspired the popular book, which was later made into a movie “The Gremlins.”


Harp Seal

Harp Seal Photo Credit: . i i e e e .

How could I leave the harm seal off of this list? They are a species of the earless seal native to Northernmost Atlantic Ocean and adjacent parts of the Artic Ocean. They can also be found in Canada. One thing is for sure and that is the fact that they are so adorable!


The Dog

The Dog Photo Credit: vyxle

I know, this may be common, but wow, there are so many different species of the dog! I love pit bulls and huskies are beautiful. I also like wolves and bloodhounds. I am more of a big dog person, but small dogs can be cute as well. They’re just not as fun to play with.

I know, I left out some beautiful furry animals, like the cat, horse, donkey, lion and all that. Maybe you will find these in another blog that I am writing. If I get a lot of comments on this one, then I will definitely show you some more cute animals, so keep checking. I just need to know if you girls and guys like these type of blog postings. Also, what animal would you like to see on the next blog?

Top Photo Credit: UnforeseeableNature

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Fluffy fluffy fluffy fluffy FLUFFY! :)

I agree, dogs are cute, but some small dogs look like furry rats...

Thank you, for including the red panda. I love those animals, they are super cute and adorable. I love them since the first time I have seen one and couldn’t stop talking about them for hours, still can’t ;)

More fluffies please! :)

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