8 Cool Dog Breeds ...


8 Cool Dog Breeds ...
8 Cool Dog Breeds ...

We all love our furry little friends, but what are the cool breeds to get associated with? Every different type of breed has its own traits and different looks, but when it comes to picking a cool breed, it will be hard to choose. That is why I am going to tell you my 8 cool dog breeds in this world today!

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Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky Photo Credit: grilleddaffy

With this typical breed, you will find they look very good in sunglasses…. You will find that they have neat blue eyes that makes every dog lovers heart melt. They come in many different colors. They can be black and white, orange, white, and all the way black colored. These dogs are known for sled dogs and consider to be in the working class. If you want a cool dog, this one is defiantly the number one on my list.



Dalmatian Photo Credit: erl_nilsen

We all know the movie 101 Dalmatian's and that what makes this breed very special. They have spotted skin with black and white poke o dots. You won't find any other cooler dog then this one. They also are known to be very easy to train and known to win championships.



Bloodhound Photo Credit: wkwdllc

The bloodhound is the coolest hound breed yet! They are the perfect dog for hunting and sitting on the porch. They are one of the calmest dog breeds out. They also are very protective of their owner and make perfect guard dogs. This breed is also used for sniffing bombs and finding people or for state prisons.


Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel Photo Credit: mikebaird

Another famous dog breed is the cocker spaniel for the lady and the tramp. These dogs are known for it's neat looking fur and being a good companion. They need some practice being train, because they can be stubborn. However, they still learn fast.


Alaskan Malemute

Alaskan Malemute Photo Credit: Just Jo

These furry dogs have tons of fur and looks almost like a husky. They have a curly tail and tons of fur around the neck. They have a cool look to their fur and they also come in brown. When you see the Malemute, you will fall in love instantly.


American Pit Bull

American Pit Bull Photo Credit: Petra B.

This breed being one of the coolest dogs in America is favorite throughout the us. The American pit bull is known for its loyalty for its master and will do anything it's told to do. There are different types of pit bulls to have and one of them is the Camelot. The Camelot has a thick neck and smaller body then most pit bulls. However, the Camelot breed is smaller, it makes up in muscles. You can give him or her a spiked collar and you be the coolest dog around the park.


The American Pit Bull's popularity stems not only from its muscular build and intelligence, but also from its versatile nature. Whether they are competing in agility, working as therapy dogs, or just being devoted companions, these dogs are truly multifaceted. Despite misconceptions, they are gentle and nurturing with their families, often adoring children. Owners love their determination and courage, which, coupled with proper training and socialization, make them exceptional pets. They sport a wide range of colors and coat patterns, each adding to the distinctive appeal of the individual dog. With consistent love and guidance, the American Pit Bull shines in any role.


Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound Photo Credit: mimis corner

The name suits this breed, because of the total amount of fur throughout its body. This is a well-known breeds to championships all over the world. They are proper and one of the coolest breeds around. The breed is very calm and train easier than most breeds.


Great Dane

Great Dane Photo Credit: al1d8gun

Yet another famous dog for hitting the movie theaters is the Great Dane and them featuring in the new movie Marmaduke. This breed is known for being one of the largest breeds of dogs. Imagine how many bags of dog food they go through in a week. They're one of the coolest dogs to own, because of the tallness and how loyal they are towards their masters.

I hope you enjoyed our coolest breeds to own topic. There are thousands of dogs in need of homes, you should adopt you furry friend to make his life even better. Do you think these are some cool breeds to have?

Top Photo Credit: rgiroux5011

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if nothing else, then at least I totally agree on the No.1 and No.3 well done! :DD

All of these dog breeds need A LOT of exercise and need A LOT of training otherwise they will not be great dogs. All dogs need exercise and training otherwise they'll figure out a way to entertain themselves and you will not be happy with it (think chewing on your shoes and furniture, dragging you down the street, not getting along with other dogs or people, etc). A lot of dogs end up at the pound or in shelters because people don't realize how much time and energy they require from their owners. If you are thinking of getting a dog, please adopt from a reputable shelter or get a dog/puppy from a reputable breeder. That way, you can be sure that you're getting a breed and dog that you can handle and you and your dog will live happily ever after!

So true. But where is Retriever?

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