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7 Facts about Pit Bulls ...

By Melanie

There are so many myths about pit bulls, such as they have lockjaws. This is certainly not true! I have been working on a site that is full of pit bull myths: Do you see the main picture posted? That is my dog, Copper, and he is very sweet. Their jaws do not lock, they have the same jaws of any other dog. I understand that by writing this blog post, I am probably opening myself up to some rude remarks, but that is fine. Everyone is titled to their own opinion. However, what I have here is not opinion, this is 7 FACTS about pit bulls and we cannot argue with things that have been proven…

7 Pit Bulls Are Used as Therapy Dogs

Pit Bulls Are Used as Therapy DogsPhoto Credit: lover1969

It is common to find a pit bull being used as a common therapy dog. Whether they are helping someone recover from an accident or visiting a senior care center, they are making their mark as being outstanding therapy dogs. You can’t argue with this one.

6 Pit Bulls Are Used for Search and Rescue Work

Pit Bulls Are Used for Search and Rescue WorkPhoto Credit: toriginal

Take a look at They have responded to over 200 missions. These dogs really do a great job at search and rescue work. These dogs have helped save many lives during their efforts.

5 Pit Bulls Serve as Bomb and Narcotic Sniffing Dogs

Pit Bulls Serve as Bomb and Narcotic Sniffing DogsPhoto Credit: anandanahu

One Pit Bull, named Popsicle (he got this name, because he was found in a freezer) has the biggest record for a single drug find in the history of Texas. Popsicle found over three thousand pounds of cocaine in Texas. There are many other Pit Bulls that are worth reading about.

4 Some Pit Bulls Are Great with Kids

Some Pit Bulls Are Great with KidsPhoto Credit: Sicilian Princess

They are not referred to being the “nanny dog” for no reason! Sure, you may argue with this one and try to point out all of those Pit Bull attacks, but the only reason little dogs have not been reported in the news is because they’re not big dogs, so the bites do not hurt. I have owned many big dogs, but have only been bitten by the smaller dogs that I like to call ankle biters. Of course, as with any dog, you should not leave the child alone, and children should be taught to treat animals with respect.

3 Not All Pit Bulls Are Human Aggressive

Not All Pit Bulls Are Human AggressivePhoto Credit: kadima

As a breed, they are not human aggressive. In fact, they are the opposite. They love humans and most of them are very gentle. Any dog out there can have behavior problems, not just the pit bull.

2 They Were Popular in the Early 1900’s

They Were Popular in the Early 1900’sPhoto Credit: willtooke

The Pit Bull was very popular in the 1900’s! In fact, they were the mascot not only in WWI, but WWII as well! They are features on propaganda and recruiting posted everywhere during this time. Today, their popularity continues to live on.

1 Don’t Forget about Sgt Stubby!

Don’t Forget about Sgt Stubby!Photo Credit: nineball2727

Sgt Stubby was a Pit Bull war hero! He was wounded twice while he was in action. Did you know that he saved an entire platoon? He did this by warning everyone about a poison gas attack. Single handedly, he even captured a German spy! NOW, that is a Pit Bull for you! They are heroes!

I understand that some cruel humans out there are raising Pit Bulls as fighters. If you see this type of action, you need to report it and do not let it continue. If we start watching out for the humans who give them bad names, then maybe people can see that they truly are good dogs. There are so many good deeds Pit Bulls have done that have not been reported in the media, because, well, the news only seems to report the bad things. Sometimes, because of this, I think the whole human race is bad, but I do not say ban the entire human race. Remember: Punish the Deed, Not the Breed! Do I have to ask for you to voice your opinion? If you’re a hater, you’re probably so outraged over these facts and already voicing your opinion. However, for those Pit Bull lovers out there, please do voice your opinion and stand up for this breed!

Top Photo Credit: kinanaesthesia

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