7 Strange Animal Facts ...

Melanie Fitzpatrick

7 Strange Animal Facts ...

As you may have noticed, I have many different blog posts pertainingto animals. That must mean that I am an animal lover. Yes, animals are definitely my favorite! The earth would not be the same without them. I also like to read about them and have found some strange animal facts that many of you may not know. Below, I am going to give you 7 strangest animal facts you probably did not know…

7 A Starfish Has No Brain

A Starfish Has No Brain Photo Credit: Tracy and Joe

Wow, a starfish has no brain? I bet some of you know people like this, too. Isn’t it strange how the starfish can still live and strive, but they do not have a brain? Actually, even though they do not have a brain, they still posses a complex nervous system with interlacing nerves within and below their skin and that is how they perform their various functions.

6 A Cockroach with No Head

A Cockroach with No Head Photo Credit: catbutler

Okay, this one is rather gross, but it’s a strange fact. Did you know that a cockroach can live up to nine days without its head? Wow, I have heard this before, but I have never tried to chop off their head and see especially considering how much Ifear them.

5 How Long Does a Pig's Orgasm Last?

How Long Does a Pig's Orgasm Last? Photo Credit: Bigbird3

Wow. Okay, this one is a shocker! The pig is one lucky critter and when I tell you this, in your next life, you will want to be a pig! A pig's orgasmlasts for up to thirty minutes. Hmm…

4 Speaking of Pigs…

Speaking of Pigs… Photo Credit: Foto Martien (holiday)

In America, the pig says “Oink, Oink,” but did you know that in Japan they say “Moo, Moo.” Isn’t that an odd fact to tell?

3 Do Mosquitoes Have Teeth?

Do Mosquitoes Have Teeth? Photo Credit: Lee251073

I have often wondered if mosquitoeshad teethor not, so I decided to look it up and I found a real shocker! Actually, it’s a bit scary! Now, I’m afraid of them. Nah, just kidding, I’m not afraid of them, but I do have a new perspective on them! Did you know that they have forty seven teeth?

2 Do You Know about the Poison Arrow Frog?

Do You Know about the Poison Arrow Frog? Photo Credit: Janice Chapman

This one is scary too! What if poison arrow frogs started to take over the planet? Okay, did you know that the poison arrow frog has enough poison to kill 2,200 individuals? That is scary!

1 Care to Identify Your Dog?

Care to Identify Your Dog? Photo Credit: ucumari

Do you know how you identify humans by their fingerprints? You would think to identifythe dog, you would go by the paw print, right? Wrong. A dog can be identified by the nose print. Isn’t this an interesting fact?

There you have 8 strange factson animals that you did not know. Well, I’m not sure if you know them or not, but I’m going to say that the average person did not know some of the facts on this list. I think they are really interesting and I plan on writing another blog on this subject in the future, so stay tuned! In the meantime, share some more strange facts with me!