7 Surprising Facts about Thunder and Lightening ...

I’ve always been fascinated with thunder and lightning. Storms are actually relaxing to me. The rumbling thunder is comforting and the lightning usually puts on a good show as well. 7 surprising facts about thunder and lightening are listed below. Some of them might be familiar to you. I love learning new things and I hope I’ve found something that is new to you as well. I thought these facts were extremely interesting.

7. There Can’t Be Thunder without Lightning

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You might not always see the lightning bolt, but it is the charge from the lightning that causes the thunder. I read that more than 80 percent of the lightning flashes stay inside the clouds where they can’t be seen. I’ve also stood outside and watched the heat lightning. In case you aren’t familiar with this phenomenon, this is where there is tons of lightning flickering about the sky, but no thunder. Sometimes the storm is too far off to hear the thunder. There are also instances where the heat lightning is caused by the cloud reflection of lightning from a distant storm.

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