8 Facts on Lady Gaga ...


8 Facts on Lady Gaga ...
8 Facts on Lady Gaga ...

Some hate her, some love her and many are not sure what to think of her. Is she pretty? Is she hot? Sexy? Cool or just plain lame? I do not know about you, but I think she is everything but lame. She always has that unique look to her, which is something I personally like. I never liked anything that is normal. Am I weird for that or are you really the weird one? Just kidding. Below, I am going to give you 8 facts on Lady Gaga.

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Favorite Fashion Designers

Favorite Fashion Designers Photo Credit: © Bruno Medina

Lady Gaga’s favorite fashion designers are Donatello Versace and Peggy Bundy.


Why Does She Go Pantless a Lot?

Why Does She Go Pantless a Lot? Photo Credit: netmen.

I am going to tell you something that was started by Rolling Stone. Lady Gaga has a grandmother that is nearly blind. They say she goes pantless a lot so her grandmother will be able to recognize her on television.


Her Listener’s

Her Listener’s Photo Credit: Brayan E.

Do you listen to Lady Gaga? If you do, then you are referred to her as a little monster. She refers to all of her listeners as being little monsters. I always thought this was cute – what about you?


Her Pizza Purchase

Her Pizza Purchase Photo Credit: kervinrojas

If you were waiting in line to get Lady Gaga’s address on the day that she went and purchased one thousand dollars worth of pizza for her fans, then you were one lucky fan.


Her Purple Tea Cup and Saucer

Her Purple Tea Cup and Saucer Photo Credit: cesar.villarreal

Often, you will see Lady Gaga carrying a purple Tea Cup ad Saucer while she is in public. She drank tea with her mom, therefore, when she carries this, she feels more at home. I think that makes sense.


Even as a Baby

Even as a Baby Photo Credit: Melissa Dex Guzman

Lady Gaga was known to her babysitter as showing up to greet them nude. I think this is funny, because she never really grew out of it.


Paris and Nicky Hilton

Paris and Nicky Hilton Photo Credit: * ire *

Did you know that Paris and Nicky Hilton went to the same school as Lady Gaga? Later, they became big fans of this singer.


The Pussycat Dolls

The Pussycat Dolls Photo Credit: netmen!

According to Ladygaga.com, before Lady Gaga became famous for singing songs, she has a reputation for writing for The Pussycat Dolls.

There you have your 8 facts on Lady gaga. She has so many fans and so many haters with people who roll their eyes at her. Are you a fan or a hater?

Top Photo Credit: netmen!

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idk what to think about her, i guess her music isnt my cup of tea, but she's very creative and i'm sure going to one of her concerts would be really fun; she seems like she would put on a great show

to be honest, i am a hater =)

I really love her. She's confident at everything she does. And she loves her fans!!!

I like people who have the guts to be different, but to my mind she is now trying way too hard.

I'm a super fan of her music and I'm going to see her in concert in San Diego!! :D however her fashion drives me crazy :/

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