7 Facts about Boys ...

By Melanie

7 Facts about Boys ...

I just got done writing 7 facts about girls and I wanted to switch over here and write 7 facts about boys real quick. Of course, since I am not a boy, I will be going with what I have noticed other guys doing and what I have saw them talking about on forums. Let me get started on these 7 facts …

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What Guys Look for

Guys don’t really look for girls that look good. I mean, sure, that is always a plus. They prefer presentable girls that are neat. That is good looking, in their opinion. Of course, some guys are different.


Girls Attention

Oh yes, many of you girls probably have experience with this one. Guys will do anything in order to get a girls attention. If it means going out of their way, then they will do it.


Touching a Guy’s Heart

For those of you who have touched a guys heart before, you know exactly where I am coming from with this one. When you touch a guys heart, there will be no turning back. As a little reminder, you should never lead guys on. If you do not like him, then just tell him … before you win his heart.


The Word No

Sometimes, I used to wonder if there was a guy out there who understood the word “No,” or if I would need to say it in another language in order for them to understand it. Whenever some guys hear this word, they believe it means try again the next day.



When you notice that a guy is calm, look at him closely and see if he is really sweating. If he is sweating, then he is more than likely nervous. Most of them are better at hiding their nervousness.

Famous Quotes

Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.


Video Games

You may think guys are wasting time on video games and football, but at the same time, guys may look at it like you are wasting time on make up and romance novels. As for me, I like make up, novels and games. I must say though, I am not a big fan of football, sorry.



Girls learn a lot of what they know by reading romance books, watching chick flicks, reading magazines and reading blogs like this. However, guys aren’t really like this. Guys don’t really read love stories or look for dating advice. Therefore, what they have learned in life, they have dealt with. They have learned everything from experience and not by reading or watching movies.

There you have 7 facts about boys. Of course, as I said about girls, guys differ from one another. Some guys love sports, while other guys despise sports. Take my husband as an example, he loves video games, yet does not like to watch sports. Then, I know a guy that doesn’t like video games, but likes sports. This is all understandable. So, do you have anything that you would like to add to my list?

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i totally agree with number 4 the word no i can say no so many times and my partner will just try again in a few minutes, a day a week. and it could be anything from watching a movie or eating something unhealthy to buying some big and expensive or sex

Love these!

Thanx for telling me so true like but all im gonna say is Is there any tip for him to understand u (FANCY) him?

agree, and obviously about looking good in my opinion guys like feminine girls wich is not the same as girly girls and when you win a guy's heart for real he'll do anything for you if you really really win his heart :) it's cute

Boys.. Men.. i can never understand them just as much as they can never understand women