9 Cool Facts on Ancient Egypt ...


9 Cool Facts on Ancient Egypt ...
9 Cool Facts on Ancient Egypt ...

Interested to know more about ancient cultures? Ancient Egypt, perhaps? Well, I’ve read some pretty cool facts on ancient Egypt lately and I really want to share them with you today. Why? Because no knowledge is useless, especially the one that combines history with fun. So, let’s travel back in time to the land of pyramids and pharaohs and here are 9 cool facts on ancient Egypt that are supposed to help us have fun while we do so:

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Naked Slave a Day Keeps the Flies Away!

Naked Slave a Day Keeps the Flies Away! Photo Credit: Cryptic1

Funny but true, at least in the case of Pepi II, Egyptian pharaoh who used naked slaves covered in honey as a decoy- to stop the flies from landing on him and bugging him while he is doing his pharaoh things. I bet that’s one of those cool facts on ancient Egypt you didn’t know before. Am I right?


The Power of Makeup…

The Power of Makeup… Photo Credit: beauty101.org

As you probably already know, both men and women used to wear makeup, at first because it offered a good protection against the sun and later because it was believed to have healing powers. The most popular colors were black and green but it had little to do with the fashion trends and a lot with their accessibility as black was make from lead and green from copper.


They Used Penicillin

They Used Penicillin Photo Credit: kesouthall
Ancient Egyptians knew about the mold and its healing powers long before anyone could even predict things like penicillin and antibiotics will ever exist. Moldy bread or soil were their cures for various infections and the fact that they couldn’t synthesize and mass produce it’s healing component didn’t really matter.


Ancient Egypt Was a Lot like Modern Society

Photo Credit: ask.inc.com

Okay, sure, we don’t have lice or fleas, the times of slaves and masters have finally ended and we sure dress a whole lot better now, but ancient Egypt wasn’t so different, at least when it comes to maintaining the public peace and collecting taxes. Yup, Egyptians had a police force, one of its responsibilities being, of course, collecting those a fore mentioned taxes.


Women Were Equal to Men

Women Were Equal to Men Photo Credit:bobg-nowadayswhat.blogspot.com

Yes, ladies, that is the truth and one of the cool facts on ancient Egypt you’d definitely want to remember. They didn’t have to fight for their rights or prove anything to anybody because they have enjoyed the same economical and legal benefits men did. Social equity, unfortunately, wasn’t one of them.

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Mummification Facts

Mummification Facts Photo Credit: meechmunchie

I’m sure you’re well aware of the popular Egyptian tradition of removing the brain through the nostrils but did you know that there is only one organ the body scheduled for mummification was, so to speak, allowed to keep? The heart that was, by the way, believed to be a sort of a vessel for the soul.


They Loved Music

They Loved Music Photo Credit: behance.net

Hungry for more cool facts on ancient Egypt? Well, listen to this then- this ancient civilization didn’t only like music but made it easier for us to enjoy it by inventing a whole bunch of instruments we still use today like flute, trumpet, oboe and clarinet.


They Loved Bowling

They Loved Bowling Photo Credit: DownTown Pictures

I know this sounds very hard to believe but ancient Egyptians were quite keen on bowling! Yes, they had a game just like it; they just used stones instead of our modern bowls and pins! Now, here’s one question I’ve been asking myself- why did it take us so long to reinvent this game?


They Knew Quite a Bit about Medicine

Photo Credit: vantagedermaceutical.com

People of ancient Egypt didn’t lack health care, that’s for sure, and, apart from knowing that mold has what it takes to cure infections, the doctors could also prescribe contraceptives, perform various, often complicated surgeries and determine if a woman is pregnant. Yes, as strange as it sounds, they did have pregnancy tests!

Bet you didn’t know all these cool facts on Ancient Egypt! Or, maybe you did and maybe you have a few more to share? Well, feel free to do so- I’m all ears! I rarely comment, I know, but I’m carefully reading everything you write.

Top image source: img40.imageshack.us

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I'm Egyptian too :) I didn't know about all of these cool facts, great job. The honey covered slave is particularly interesting. Fascinating really!

Although I'm Egyptian, I didn't know most of these facts :D Great post

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