7 Facts on Sarah Palin ...


7 Facts on Sarah Palin ...
7 Facts on Sarah Palin ...

Sarah Palin was the first female governor in the state of Alaska. She was John McCain’s running mate during the 2008 United States presidential elections. The things she has accomplished in life are well known. In the blog below, I am going to give you 7 facts on Sarah Palin …

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Sarah Louis Palin was born on February 11, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho. She was the third of four children. Her family moved to Alaska when she was under three months old.



Sarah used to be known as Sarah Barracuda. This is because of her ferocious attitude when she was playing basketball for her high school basketball team. She was also the co-captain of a 1982 State championship basketball team.



As she was going to the University of Hawaii-Hilo, she tried Marijuana, but she did not like it. She did inhale … sorry, I had to say it.


First Term as Mayor

During her first term as a mayor, she kept a jar in it that had names of the individuals that lived in Wasilla. Every week, she would randomly pick one of the names out of that jaw and call the individual just to ask how the city is doing. I actually like this idea.



During the year 2007, Sarah supported a policy that would allow the wolves to be hunted, but only from the air. A bounty of one hundred and fifty dollars was planned to be paid. Don’t worry, because the bounty was declared illegal later on. This is where I do not agree with Sarah – I would never support a policy to kill wolves or any other animal



While Sarah Palin was pregnant with her daughter Willow (I like that name), during Halloween, she dressed up as a pregnant Jane Fonda. That sounds cute.


Favorite Author

I like this one – because The Voyage of the Dawn Treader used to be my favorite book and her favorite author is who wrote this book. She has said that her favorite author is C.S. Lewis. I believe she picked a good author. However, as for me, I don’t really have a favorite author. There are so many good authors out there that make it hard to choose –they seem to all be my favorite.

So, there you have 7 facts on Sarah Palin. This is a name that has been coming up for some time now and I figured that I would go ahead and write a blog to give you girls an idea of who she is. Of course, some of you probably already know more than I know about her. Some may like her, while others may not like her. Really, I don’t personally know her, so I cannot determine whether I like her or not. It’s hard to tell whether you will like someone by just seeing them on TV and reading about them. So, what about you, do you think you like her?

Top Photo Credit: Jon Gustin

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my parents love her, but im not so sure. I do know that she has 2 face a lot more crap from the press... And that her life is a lot harder than people just assume

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