7 Facts on the Young and the Restless ...


7 Facts on the Young and the Restless ...
7 Facts on the Young and the Restless ...

I will tell you right now, I have never been into soap operas, because I don’t like drama. However, The Young and the Restless is the one soap I like watching, which I started watching as a little girl with my mom. Let me give you 7 facts on the Young and the Restless right now …

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When It All Started

The Young and the Restless all started in the year 1973 on CBS. Since then, it has aired over eight thousand episodes. It was created by the Late William J. Bell. The Young and the Restless takes place in Genoa City, Wisconsin. Since the year 1988, it has been the highest dated soap on television. This is the only soap opera I watch and it’s understandable why it is the highest rated daytime soap.


Victoria’s First Husband

I am going to take a step back and remind you of Victoria Newman’s first husband. Her first husband was Ryan McNeil. She married him when she was sixteen years old. Years later, she married Cole Howard, but he was killed. She then married Brad and then JT and is now married to Billy Abbott and I believe they make a great couple.


Billy Abbott’s Mother

Billy Abbott’s mother is Jill. Jill had Billy with John Abbott. For some time, it was thought that Jill was the biological daughter of Katherine Chancellor. However, in 2010, it was revealed that Jill is the daughter of Neil Fenmore, who is Lauren’s father.


Nikki and Her Addiction

Nikki used to be a stripper, who was “saved” by good old Victor Newman. She also had an alcohol addiction, but was sober for years. Recently, she started drinking again, but has since stopped.


The First Name

Originally, this show was going to be called “The Innocent Years,” instead of “The Young and the Restless.” Wow, I’m glad they changed the name of the show, because the people on it are far from innocent.

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer


In the late 1990’s, I have read that Phyllis ran over Paul and Christine and injured both of them. For awhile, Paul ended up impotent, which put a strain on the marriage to Christine. Phyllis was never caught for this.


Cane and Kevin

It’s sad to think of what happened to Cane in the past month – with the shock of his death, Lily is going through a lot. I could only wonder what is going to become of the twins and who Lilly is going to date next. I also never thought Kevin would get a divorce from Jana – did you know Kevin used to play on Dawson’s Creek and Cane was on Beastmaster?

It’s really funny to take a step back and look at the Young and the Restless over the past years. It started before I was even born, but I started watching it because of my mom. Since then, I have not stopped watching it – I stream it off of the CBS website. So, what do you think of it?

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