7 Facts on Dachshunds ...


7 Facts on Dachshunds ...
7 Facts on Dachshunds ...

Do you know why I am writing this post right now? Well, I will tell you in a couple of seconds, but first – I was to explain something. I have never been a fan of little dogs – NEVER. I always loved big dogs and I still do. Pit Bulls are still my favorite and there is always a place in my heart for my pit – Copper. Recently, we have added a new member to our family. His name is Dackles, a full blooded dachshund. He was a Christmas present from “Santa” for my daughter. Yes, an early Christmas present that took me a long time to find. Basically, he’s a rescue – remember, don’t support puppy mills when pets are in need of adoption. Right now, I am going to give you 7 facts on Dachshunds …

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The Name

The name Dachshund is German. It literally translates into “badger dog.”



There are three different sizes of these dogs and yes, the size does matter. You have the miniature, full grown and the kanichen. Our dog is a miniature. A full grown dachshund will weigh between sixteen and twenty eight pounds. The miniature will usually weight less than eleven pounds. The kanichen will weight anywhere from seven to nine ponds. They are so low to the ground, so they are well capable of going through tunnels.



They are strong headed dogs. To be honest with you, my pup is not strong headed at all and he is around one years of age. They say they have a loud bark, but mine doesn’t. However, he does growl at unfamiliar people, but has not bitten them. Once he sees it is okay, he stops.


Good Friends

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They may be strong headed dogs, but they are loyal to their owners. They not only make good watchdogs, but they are a good companion. Make a friend with one of these fellows and you will have a friend for life.


Their Coats

They come in three coat types. You have the wire, long and smooth. Dackles has the smooth, short coat.



This breed of dog was developed to scent, hunt and chase badgers as well as other animals that live in holes. Of course, as I already said, they are short and can easily go into a tunnel.



In the United States, these dogs have many nicknames. You may know them as a sausage dog, wiener dog, hot dog or a doxie. Whatever you call them, there is no denying that they are a cute dog. When I was little, I used to call them sausage dogs.

There you have 7 facts on dachshunds. These are fun loving dogs and as long as you give them a chance, they will be your best friend. They make great companions and I must say, mine gets along great with my daughter. While I do have a bigger dog, I just felt the little dog would be a better dog for her. So, do you have any other facts on the wiener dog that you would like to toss in here?

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great post!!!....i had a standard smooth haired dachshund named tubby,who passed away 2 years back....miss him<3....nd yea dey really r one of the most sensitive and Strong headed dogs!!!

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