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8 Facts on Lady Gaga ...

By Melanie

Raise your hand – how many here like Lady Gaga? Wow, that was a lot of hands raised. You all are her little monsters. I like many of her songs and I also like her unique taste for outfits. It’s nice to know that someone is not afraid to step outside wearing something that is different from everyone else. In this way, I can relate to her. I also like wearing unique stuff, but surely, it’s not as bizarre as her and her meat dress. Okay, right now, I would like to give you 8 facts on Lady Gaga. So, you little monsters, let’s get going!

8 Great Danes

Great Danes Photo Credit: Antonio Magaña

In all of Lady Gaga’s music videos, you will see 2 Great Danes, except for Just Dance. Only one appeared in Bad Romance video because one died in October of 2009. Their names were Lava and Rumpus. Why does she have them? It’s kind of like a trademark thing.

7 Dirty Gaga

Dirty Gaga Photo Credit: ::AJ::

She was a go-go dancer. I quote: “I still miss all my go-go dancing - maybe I'll go back to it one day. I used to love dancing to Black Sabbath,” she said. She loved the power stripping on stage gave her.

6 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Photo Credit: Franky...

These two went to the same school in New York. Lady Gaga has stated that she was not as popular as Paris was when they attended the same school. The school was New York’s Convent Of The Sacred Heart.

5 Her Name

Her Name Photo Credit: mehmed.feim

How on earth did she come up with the name “Lady Gaga?” The name is reference to the popular song by Queen titled “Radio Ga-Ga.”

4 Boys, Boys, Boys Inspiration

Boys, Boys, Boys Inspiration Photo Credit: netmen!

Can you guess who inspired the song, “Boys, boys, boys?” The song “Girls, Girls, Girls” by Motley Crue was Lady Gaga’s inspiration to Boys, Boys, Boys.

3 Britney Spears

Britney Spears Photo Credit: netmen.

Would you ever believe it if I told you that Lady Gaga is a big fan of Britney Spears? Really, I don’t blame her. Britney is just one of those singers you can’t pass down. Right? Right. She admires how Britney handles herself in the media. Lady Gaga enjoyed writing for Britney. I wish I could have that chance too.

2 Piano

Piano Photo Credit: Melissa Dex Guzman

At the young age of 4, Lady Gaga learned how to play the piano. By the age of 13, she wrote her first ballad. By the age of 14, she was performing at open mic nights. Yes, her true talent started at a very young age.

1 Natural Brunette

Natural Brunette Photo Credit: Little Miss Sunshine.

Did you know that Lady Gaga is a natural brunette? She didn’t dye her hair blonde until she was around twenty years old. She did this so she would not be confused with Amy Whinehouse. Do you blame her for this?

There you have 8 facts on Lady Gaga. I do not know about you, but I enjoy writing these facts on celebrities. Some of you may not like reading them, but I know many of my fans enjoy it – this one is for you guys! So, what do you like about Lady Gaga?

Top Photo Credit: Jay.Feria?

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