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7 Facts on Adam Sandler ...

By Aprille

It’s time for my favorite comedian of all time and that’s Adam Sandler. I will tell you some interesting facts about Adam Sandler and why he is my favorite comedian. Please read my 7 Facts on Adam Sandler

7 Adams Nickname

Adams NicknamePhoto Credit: PopKulture

Did you know that Adam Sandler nickname is sandman? Sandman is off Spiderman, is he named after him?

6 Dated This Person

Dated This PersonPhoto Credit: SRK Max

Did you know that he dated Alicia Silverstone? I don’t think that lasted, but I’m sure their best friends now.


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5 Started in a Night Club

Started in a Night ClubPhoto Credit: ColeC

Everyone has to start somewhere and he stared in a Boston night club. He started acting after he was noticed as a very funny person.

4 Production Company Sounds like Billy Madison the Movie

Production Company Sounds like Billy Madison the MoviePhoto Credit: MatthewPHX

Adam Sandler played in the movie billy Madison and now owns his production company called happy Madison. How ironic is that? Pretty cool I say.

3 Favorite Baseball Team is

Favorite Baseball Team isPhoto Credit: Breslow

He is a Yankee fan. I see him being a Yankee fan over any other baseball team. At least he picked a good team that wins and makes it big in the world series.

2 His Birthday is Shared with Hugh Grant

His Birthday is Shared with Hugh GrantPhoto Credit: All-Mighty Clothing

Wow, did you know this? He shares the same birthday as actor Hugh grant! There are some good actors that have the same birthday.

1 The Name of His Dogs Are

The Name of His Dogs ArePhoto Credit: Cine Fanatico

First off this is way cute. Just makes you want to pick them up and eat them. One of his dogs is named meatball and the other named matzoball. Very inventive and I’m sure they got these names for some reason.

Adam Sandler has always made me laugh and made good movies. He plays a perfect comedian and a good actor in any movie that comes his way. Do you like Adam Sandler too?

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