10 Funniest Animals ...


10 Funniest Animals ...
10 Funniest Animals ...

Animals are funny. They do the funniest things too, but some of them are funnier than others – you know, funny looking. I love animals. Yes, if you know me, you would know how big of an animal fan I am. Below, I am going to give you 10 funniest animals to laugh at (or with)…

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Owl Photo Credit: Michael Skelton

I love owls, but I always thought they were funny how they turn their neck around. Their wide eyes – they’re real alert, aren’t they? They’re really neat creatures!


Owls are nocturnal birds of prey, found in every corner of the world except Antarctica. They have a unique physical adaptation – their neck is able to turn an impressive 270 degrees, allowing them to scan their surroundings with ease. Owls are also known for their impressive eyesight, which is up to eight times better than that of humans. They use their acute vision to locate prey in the dark and to spot potential predators. Owls are also known for their distinct hooting call, which is used to communicate with other owls. They are also highly intelligent animals, capable of learning and adapting to their environment.


Sun Bear

Sun Bear Photo Credit: Foto Martien (holiday)

The sun bear is hilarious. They are primarily found in the Southeast Asia tropical rainforests. They are around four feet in length. They are small for a bear. They are often referred to as the dog bear because of how small they are. They weigh less than one hundred and forty five pounds. I think when they stick out the tongue, it looks funny!


What's particularly comical about these creatures is their oversized, almost comical paws, which seem too big for their bodies, giving them an endearingly clumsy appearance. And let's not start on their long tongue – it's practically made for slapstick comedy. It can extend to an impressive length, perfect for reaching honey (yes, like a certain beloved cartoon bear) and extracting insects from tight crevices. These furry jesters of the jungle pack a lot of personality in a compact frame, charming wildlife lovers with their playful antics and expressive faces. It's hard not to crack a smile watching a sun bear in its natural, goofy glory.

Frequently asked questions

Animals can be funny because of their silly actions, unexpected behaviors, or even the way they look. Sometimes the sounds they make or the way they play can make us laugh too.

It's hard to pick the funniest animal as everyone finds different things funny, but monkeys are often thought to be amusing because they have playful personalities and can mimic human behavior.

It's not clear if animals have a sense of humor like humans do, but some animals seem to engage in playful behaviors that might suggest they enjoy being funny or understand playfulness.

Most funny animal videos are harmless, but it's important to make sure that animals aren't scared or hurt for the sake of a joke or video. Always make sure animals are safe and happy!

Yes, laughing at funny animals can make you feel good and even be good for your health. Laughter can reduce stress, increase happiness, and make you feel more relaxed.


Emperor Tamarin

Emperor Tamarin Photo Credit: ianmichaelthomas

Tell me you can’t look at one of these and laugh! The name that was given to them was first intended to be a joke. However, it stuck. What is funny about them? That long white mustache they have! It extends out to both sides past their shoulders.


Just looking at these charming little primates with their sophisticated 'staches is enough to brighten anyone’s day. But their extravagant facial hair isn’t the only thing that's comical about them. Their playful antics and curious personalities are simply irresistible. Native to the Amazon rainforest, emperor tamarins behave like mischievous aristocrats of the animal kingdom. And while they may look dignified, they’re actually quite sociable and frolicsome with their tamarin pals. They leap and scurry through the trees with grace, often inciting giggles from anyone lucky enough to observe their lighthearted romps.



Tapir Photo Credit: Stavenn

These are funny mammals! They are pig like in shape. The snout is what makes me laugh. There are four species of the tapir and all four are either vulnerable or endangered. Their closest relatives are horses and rhinoceroses.


The Star-Nosed Mole

The Star-Nosed Mole Photo Credit: Photo's by The Swamper

This mole is found in the eastern parts of Canada and north-eastern parts of the United States. At the end of their snout, they have 22 pink, fleshy tentacles. Those are used to identify food by touch. However, it’s funny looking!


Pink Fairy Armadillo

Pink Fairy Armadillo Photo Credit: law_keven

They’re all ready with their armor! Oh, but if you touch them, you won’t laugh! They look all innocent, but trust me, they will rip you up. Nonetheless, they’re still funny creatures.



Axolotl Photo Credit: g-na

The larvae of this species do not go through metamorphosis. The adults remain gilled and aquatic. They go through a lot of research because of their ease of breeding, large embryos and the ability to regenerate most of their body parts. It is common to find them as pets. Tell me you can’t look at them without laughing!



Tarsier Photo Credit: jaeWALK

Oh come on, how can you resist those big, beautiful eyes? You know you want to laugh! Look at the picture again! LOL! They have long eyes and big feet that are just hilarious.


The Frilled Lizard

The Frilled Lizard Photo Credit: M-O-O-N that spells ...

I just had to include this one. I have always liked them. This is one lizard I have never had. The large, ruffly skin that is around their neck is funny. When the lizard is frightened, it looks funny. Oh and don’t forget how they run on their hind legs!


The frilled lizard is a comedic gem in the reptile world. I mean, that dramatic frill—who thought accessorizing was exclusive to humans? Picture this: you startle the little critter, and bam! It fans out its neck frill like it's about to star in a Shakespeare play. And then there's the way they scurry away on two legs, looking like miniature dinosaurs making a break for it. Hilarious, right? These lizards are the divas of the animal kingdom, strutting their stuff with a flair for the dramatic that's pure entertainment.



When I look at the Shoebill, I swear he seems smiling or laughing! The Shoebill is related to the storks. It gets the name from the big shoe-shaped bill that it has. It’s a large bird standing at four feet tall and 12.3 pounds. Across the wings, the bird is 7.7 feet.

While writing this blog posting, I couldn’t help but laugh at many of these animals. I found others, such as the blob, that I would like to add, but have completed the list of 10. Maybe I will continue in another posting, so look out for that. In the meantime, tell me some of the funny animals on your list!

Top Photo Credit: Ben Heine

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Just so you know, that 'dillo is probably either a hairy armadillo or a 3-banded armadillo. Fairy armadillos are fluffy under their shell and have a consistently sized strip of armor on their back. They were my favorite animal when I was little :)

Love the Emperor Tamarin-so cute! Loved #3 too :)

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