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For such elegant creatures, cats do have a way of making idiots of themselves. And of course, humans are often there with their cameras to capture the moment and put it on the Internet for everyone to see … There are so many funny feline photos that I’ve picked out a few for you to chuckle over.

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I’m Actually a Deadly Killer

I’m Actually a Deadly Killer Photo Credit: Amberali

This little mite was one of my foster kitties – and is now all grown up. Back last summer, though, she could fit in my hand, she was so small … I love the fierce look on her face, it’s as if she’s saying ‘Don’t underestimate me, I’m a secret assassin for the CIA …’


But It Matches!

But It Matches! Photo Credit: Amberali

Another of my foster kitties. As anyone with cats knows, they have a way of squeezing themselves into the smallest spaces and taking over places that weren’t meant for them. Having looked all over for this one, I found her in … the vegetable basket.


Gateway to Hell

Gateway to Hell Photo Credit: Amberali

If you haven’t checked out Icanhascheezburger.com, then do. So many hilarious pictures of cats, and you can have fun adding your own captions. This one is entitled ‘Little did you know that the freezer is a closely guarded gateway to Hell …’


Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong Photo Credit: Amberali

And here’s one I did myself. A cat with a lampshade on its head became ‘Neil Armstrong – first on the moon? Ha!’


So What is a Sink for?

So What is a Sink for? Photo Credit: Amberali

And here’s the star of no 1 again, somewhat bigger this time. Cats seem to have a strange obsession with sitting and sleeping in sinks – maybe they think it’s a nice cat-sized bed …


Homeless and Hungry …

Homeless and Hungry … Photo Credit: Amberali

Don’t believe that ‘I’m a poor little orphan and I have to sleep in a bucket’ look. I know the truth. This is one fat, pampered moggy. I suspect from the slightly demented look that she may be on drugs though.


So I do a Little Catnip …

So I do a Little Catnip … Photo Credit: Amberali

And she’s not the only feline addict … As this ginger kitten is observing, ‘That catnip was stronger than I thought!’ Lesson to all cats – Just Say No!


Is Nothing Private?

Is Nothing Private? Photo Credit: Amberali

Here’s the Bucket Dweller, caught in the middle of washing her nether regions. I don’t know why she’s looking so affronted, cats don’t care who they wash their bits in front of …


Ninja Kitty

Ninja Kitty Photo Credit: Amberali

They say that cats have a secret life. How little this kitten’s owners know of its true identity. By day, a cute little ginger ball of fluff, by night an ‘armed and dangerous’ killer …


Capoeira Cat

Capoeira Cat Photo Credit: Amberali

Ever seen the athletic movements of the Brazilian martial art Capoeira? Now cats are getting in on the action. Here, Capoeira Cat shows that anything humans can do, he can do better …

Which of these pictures made you laugh the most? Do you know any ‘funny cat pics’ sites?

Top Photo Credit: Amberali

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#3 and #9 are actually scary :D #4 is adorable!

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