7 Smart Pet Solutions ...


7 Smart Pet Solutions ...
7 Smart Pet Solutions ...

Is your pet your best friend? Make life easier for him, and for you, by learning the tricks of the trade! Dogs and cats need special attention and sometimes, they present problems we don’t always know how to handle. I’ve found a nice little set of ideas to help make my life with my pooch a little easier. Here are my thoughts!

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Dog Trainers

Dog Trainers Photo Credit: Boered

Maybe you already know how to train and discipline your doggy. But if not, you may find your self thanking your self over and over for locating a professional trainer. Teaching your dog how to sit, stay, heal, be quite, bark, and protect soothes your fears and frustrations when it comes to unruly pups. A disciplined dog will make you smile!


Itchy Pets

Itchy Pets Photo Credit: believer9

Ragweed and other allergy causing grasses may have the same affect on your pooch as it does on you. After a trip outside, if you notice your dog biting on his paws more often than usual, he may have an allergy. Soak his paws in a little Epson Salt. It helps relieve irritations within 5 to 10 minutes, just like it does for your inflammations!


Additionally, oatmeal baths can soothe your furry friend's itchy skin, particularly if they're suffering from dryness or other skin conditions. Just as oatmeal can calm sensitive human skin, a lukewarm bath made with oatmeal-based shampoo or plain oatmeal can work wonders for pets. Always ensure the water isn't too hot and that you rinse thoroughly to prevent further irritation. It can be a special bonding time and give your pet much-needed relief. If the problem persists, consider consulting a veterinarian to rule out more serious issues or for prescription medication.


Tick Removal

Tick Removal Photo Credit: AmazonCARES

Don’t twist a tick as you pull it out! Pull straight up with a pair of tweezers. When you twist the tick, it may cause the head of the tick to dislodge and stay intact under the skin. Make sure the tick is removed completely, and then watch for any signs of irritation. A trip to the vet may be necessary if unusual swelling occurs.


Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety Photo Credit: iklash/

Many pets are fine when you have to leave them for vacation or business trips. But for many others, they don’t understand why you up and disappear. To ease the sadness, get your pet ready for your departure by removing your suitcase from the closet and leaving by your bed, or the couch for a few days. You dog will be used to your suitcase and won’t whine as much when he sees you filling it with your clothes.


Protect Your Furniture

Protect Your Furniture Photo Credit: Pixel Packing Mama ~ Pray for Kyron Horman

Does your cat love scratching your couch and armchair legs? Here’s how to put a stop to that: By a scratching post for your kitty. To discourage her paws from the couch, place a piece of aluminum foil around the legs of the sofa. She will not like the way the foil crinkles and will revert to the scratching post.


Stinky Cat Sprays

Stinky Cat Sprays Photo Credit: Merlijn Hoek

If your male cat has begun to spray everything in sight, it’s probably because he feel threatened about his territory. Here’s a sly tip! Wet him down with a wet towel. He will be so busy grooming himself; he won’t have time to mark his place. As soon as his threat for rights has passed, you’ll be able to stop the wet rubdowns!


Discourage Plant Digging

Discourage Plant Digging Photo Credit: Roeselien Raimond

If your pet won’t stay out of your potted plants, or your flower garden, place a few large pebbles and rocks on top of the dirt. Cats especially don’t like the feel of hard rocks on their paws and will walk away from your plants without a second look. This also discourages plant eaters!

Inside pets can be fun (for a few) and I hope this tips help make your indoor buddy a little easier to live with. Do you have a favorite tip to share?

Top Photo Credit: Spangles44

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