7 Tips for Camping with Your Pets ...


7 Tips for Camping with Your Pets ...
7 Tips for Camping with Your Pets ...

Traveling with an animal isn’t always appropriate, but camping with the family dog can be an exciting adventure. Many people travel with their dogs and even a few take their cats along for vacation. Here are 7 tips for camping with your pets that should make the excursion much easier. If you’ve never traveled with your dog, then it might be wise to go for a short trip at first. This will give you a better idea as to whether or not your dog is ready for a vacation with the family.

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Allow Time for Pit-stops

Allow Time for Pit-stops Photo Credit: Dan65

Remember that you aren’t the only one with bathroom needs. I know some people are able to sit in a car for hours on end, but a hyper dog might not be able to handle this. Just because your canine companion isn’t able to tell you when he’s feeling a bit restless, try to fit in some regular stops. Dogs are also a lot like kids. They enjoy getting out and seeing new places. However, in the canine world, ‘seeing’ a new place usually involves a lot of sniffing around instead.


Don’t Assume Everyone You Meet Likes Dogs as Much as You do

Don’t Assume Everyone You Meet Likes Dogs as Much as You do Photo Credit: joaobambu

I love my dog and find it hard to believe that there are people who actually dislike dogs. My dog is a big, fluffy, loveable Malamute that greets everyone with a wagging tail. Even if she sees someone and lets me know that she wants to go meet them, I don’t let her walk up to them. Just because she wants to meet them, it doesn’t mean they wish to meet her.


Keep Your Dog Leashed at All Times

Keep Your Dog Leashed at All Times Photo Credit: ?Jules? .

Making sure your dog is safe when traveling begins with having a reliable leash and collar. I make sure that my dog is wearing a collar that doubles as a choker, so I don’t have to worry about here slipping her head out of it and running into traffic. This also keeps her on her lead and from running up to people or small dogs that might be afraid of her. I can maintain my dog’s safety and my own sanity by making sure my dog isn’t able to bolt whenever she wants to.


Have Emergency Numbers Handy

Have Emergency Numbers Handy Photo Credit: Miss Laid Plot

When traveling, being prepared for emergencies is crucial. Finding a hospital is often easy, but the nearest veterinarian’s office isn’t as clearly marked. I know it takes a lot of time to locate veterinarians in multiple locations along a travel route. However, this just might save your dog’s life. The great thing is that if you constantly take the same route, you only have to gather these numbers once. It’s always a good idea to update information from time to time.


Take along Plenty of Your Dog’s Favorite Food

Take along Plenty of Your Dog’s Favorite Food Photo Credit: Stacy Lynn Baum

No matter how much of a junkyard dog you think your dog is, suddenly switching to a new brand of dog food will upset his stomach. I make sure to have an extra bag of dog food on hand in case I’m unable to find her brand of food when traveling. If you have a dog with special eating needs, then be sure to have plenty of food with you and know how you are going to get more of it later if necessary.


Locate Pet-friendly Campsites along the Route

Locate Pet-friendly Campsites along the Route Photo Credit: green_lover

There are plenty of campsites that allow pets and they even have a special area for your dog to relieve himself. Even camping locations that aren’t geared specifically for pet owners are often animal friendly. Very few areas actually say that no dogs are allowed at all. It’s best to know where these pet-friendly locations are, instead of hoping you find one by the time you wish to stop for the night.


Have a Portable Kennel Available

Have a Portable Kennel Available Photo Credit: J.G. in S.F.

Collapsible dog crates are an amazing product. It’s sort of like a home-away-from-home for my dog. I can put her bed and toys in it whenever needed and she feels perfectly safe. Some hotels will allow pets to stay if they are kenneled as well. You never know when you might need a crate for your pooch and it’s always better to be prepared and not need it, instead of the other way around.

If taking a trip with animals is something you are seriously interested in, then maybe these 7 tips for camping with your pets will help you feel more prepared for such an outing. Many of these tips can be used for cats as well. Have you ever decided to take a trip with your dog and had it turn into a disaster? Do you have any other tips to add because of the disastrous vacation?

Top Photo Credit: Fen Branklin

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