10 Tips on Caring for a Pit Bull ...


10 Tips on Caring for a Pit Bull ...
10 Tips on Caring for a Pit Bull ...

I am a big pit bull fan. I support them one hundred percent, I have actually started a site about them - pitbulllove.yolasite.com. There is so much bad things in the media about them and so many haters out there. However, I am not going to get into this. I am tired of having to mention “haters” whenever I talk about pit bulls. Right now, I am going to give you 10 tips on caring for a pit bull …

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Make Sure You Feed Them Regularly

Make Sure You Feed Them Regularly Photo Credit: kocojim

As with any dog, it is important that you make sure you feed them regularly. Pets are not something you buy and only feed them when you are in the mood to do so. Have them on a schedule. Feed them at the same time each day.


Keep a Nametag on Them

You should keep a nametag on them. This way, if they get lost or run away, they will be able to be identified. The nametag should have your number and address on it along with the dog's name. Some people get their dog microchipped.


Don’t Walk Them without a Leash

Don’t Walk Them without a Leash Photo Credit: impromptudesigns

Around here, there is a leash law. You cannot take the dog out in public without having a leash on them. You should always keep a leash on your dog.


It May Be Best to Put a Harness on Them

It May Be Best to Put a Harness on Them Photo Credit: snorrrlax

Pit bulls love to pull, so until you have them leash trained fully, you may want to put a harness on them to help cut down on the pulling. They make special “no pull” harnesses, which I had to get for my pit.


Watch Them around Your Kids (as with Any Breed of Dog)

Watch Them around Your Kids (as with Any Breed of Dog) Photo Credit: Rogue Design and Image

As with any dog out there, even little dogs, you need to watch them when they are around your kids. Your kids could pull their tail or aggravate the dog. You can never predict when a dog is going to bite. I have never been bit by a pit bull and have been around many of them and the strange thing is, I have been bitten by many smaller dogs!


Make Sure They Have Water at All Times

At all times, your dog needs to have water. You do not want the dog to get dehydrated. Make sure you change the water every day, because they deserve clean water.


Potty Train Them at a Young Age

Potty Train Them at a Young Age Photo Credit: seng1011

At a young age, in fact, as soon as you bring the puppy home, you should start potty training them. Potty training the dog may not be easy. However, when I potty trained my pit, it was pretty easy. Before you knew it, he was bringing me his leash.


Give Them Unconditional Love

Give Them Unconditional Love Photo Credit: Cryodigital - Sadly deceased

With any pet you have, you should give them unconditional love. Do not neglect them or play with them only when you feel like it. This should be something you do each day.


Don’t Abandon Them

Don’t Abandon Them Photo Credit: LitterART

Whatever you do, you should not abandon them. So many people out there abandon their pets because they are not able to take care of them. Come on, your dog deserves better than that.


Teach Them Manners

Starting as a puppy, you should teach them manners. This involves sitting, not pulling the leash, not begging for food and all of that good stuff. When you are teaching them, don’t beat them, this won’t help. Try the reward method.

There you have 10 Tips on Caring for a Pit Bull. Did you know that in some places, they are trying to ban this breed? People are hypocrites. They say that no race is different, then they go and try to ban the pit bull. Humans kill people, should we ban them? Cars kill people, why don’t we ban them? People kill pit bulls just because of the breed. Look up BSL (Breed Selective Legislation) and somewhere, sign a petition about it! They have banned them in certain areas, such as Miami, FL. So, stop it before it spreads. Don’t you love them?

Top Photo Credit: erinkejo

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My husband just got our kids (9 & 4) a 6wk old Blue nose and I am Really afraid of it due to it's rep. The Mother in me wants to care for it, but the fear in me cant touch it, hold it etc. I dont want her to sense my fear and I want to give it a try since my kids are soooo excited. I just need education and info of caring for her and training her to be mannerable, and the caring dog it seems she cn be.

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