7 Tips on Caring for Pigs ...

My father became a pig farmer by accident. A friend of his had to make a sudden move, due to an unexpected job transfer. This friend had 15 pregnant sows in his possession, but there was no way for him to take all of them with him. He then commissioned my father to take care of them until the babies were born and then call the Pig Man when the piglets were ready for market.

7. Build a Sturdy Pen

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Photo Credit: Kiwi NZ

Pigs will root around and tear up the ground in any area they are placed. If you build a pen with weak fencing, they will unintentionally knock it over. Even small pigs can quickly loosen the ground enough to make a fence pole lean. Make sure the poles are sunk deep into the ground; a few feet below the surface should suffice.

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