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7 Kid Friendly Pets ...

By Britni

I like animals but not all animals are good for children. To make sure you have chosen a nice, safe pet for your child check out some of these pets below!

1 Maltese

Maltese Photo Credit: ses7

Kids take to this dog easy. It’s so cute and fluffy, they love to be held and to be played with. They’re very gentle with kids. They don’t snap or bite at children. Maltese’s make good house dogs!

2 Beagle

Beagle Photo Credit: fofiko

This is a small to medium sized dog. It’s long ears and droopy eyes makes them so adorable. It is recommended that you train them early because they make growl and bark once you first get them. They are playful and safe around children.

3 Fish

Many children like fish. Just seeing them swim around in the fishbowl or aquariam excites them. Fish are easy to take care of and very harmless. But be sure to not let the little ones over feed them.

4 Hamsters

Hamsters Photo Credit: pyza*

It would seem to me that a child’s first pet would be a dog or a cat but really it’s a Hamster. Kids love Hamsters although they don’t do much they are safe. All they require is food and exercise you know the circle wheel that they all have in their cages. Good thing they don’t grow too big, that’d be kind of scary!

5 Cats

I love cats. They are my favorite type of animal and cats love kids. I would only suggest to get the cat de-clawed with small children you don’t want your child getting scratched. Cats are very playful all they want to do is play, play, play. A trained cat is a very good cat.

6 Parrots

Parrots Photo Credit: Chi Liu

I like Parrots especially talking Parrots! Children can have a great time with Parrots and they are absolutely beautiful. I believe with a young child the brightness of the Parrot can help your children identify with colors.

7 Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs Photo Credit: ©Pacifist

Apart of the same family as Hamsters, Guinea Pigs are also harmless and require little work. They like to be held and love children.

What pets would you suggest for a child? Do you own any of these pets? What pets did you wish you could have when you were younger?

Top Photo Credit: Chi Liu

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