8 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better than Cats ...


8 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better than Cats ...
8 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better than Cats ...

I like cats, I really do. I like all creatures for that matter. However, I see myself as more of a dog person. A big dog person. I’m not too much into the small dogs. I have had many cats and many dogs, so I am talking from experience here. While one could argue that cats are better, like they clean themselves, I can argue that dogs stay on the ground, so you know where they have been – the cat travels and puts his paws everywhere, so you never know where those paws have been. One may also say that cats don’t eat feces, but I’ll say they eat rats. There’s two sides to everything and right now, I’m going to give 9 reasons why dogs are better than cats in my opinion …

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Dogs Are Obedient

Dogs Are Obedient Photo Credit: Dan65

Yes, you can teach a cat tricks, but I believe dogs are more obedient. You can teach them to sit, lie down, walk on a leash or anything else. Dogs are very loyal friends and are smart.


They Play Fetch

They Play Fetch Photo Credit: meg price

You know something? I actually had a cat that would play fetch. I’d ball up a piece of paper, throw it, he’d go and get it and bring it back. Strange, right? Out of all the cats I had, only one cat would do this. However, every dog I had loved to play fetch! My pit bull loves playing fetch with sticks, balls and Frisbees.


Most Dogs Love the Water

My dog, Copper enjoys the water. Ever since he was a puppy, he wanted to play in the water. It’s fun to play in the water with dogs. You can’t say the same about cats. Just trying to give a cat a bath, most of them will scratch you up with their claws.


Dogs Are Happy

Dogs Are Happy Photo Credit: Fen Branklin

Even if you are grumpy, that dog will still think you are the best person in the world. Dogs will jump around until you cheer up. The cat will run and hide and come out when it’s food time.


Dogs Are Good for Your Health

Dogs Are Good for Your Health Photo Credit: D_Vas

Old Rover will encourage you to go outside for a walk. This may seem like a hassle at times, but I say that it’s better for your health. Your cat doesn’t need to be taken outside. Although, I did have a cat that would walk on a leash – but that’s nothing like a dog.


Dogs Listen when You Call

Dogs Listen when You Call Photo Credit: Dan65

Whenever you call the dogs name, they usually come right away. You call a cat's name, they usually don’t’ come. You have to shake their snacks, holler “kitty, kitty, kitty” or motion to them that you’re going to pet them – they they’ll come to you. Dogs just seem to have better communication skills.


Dogs Don’t Go to the Bathroom inside of the House

Dogs Don’t Go to the Bathroom inside of the House Photo Credit: fofurasfelinas

The cats on the other hand, they have a litter box just for them. You have to clean that litter box out every day or it will start to smell. With a dog, they tell you when they have to go, then you put a leash on them and take them outside and never have to see the feces again.



Protection Photo Credit: JAEbugs

I enjoy having dogs around because I feel protected. Now, with a cat, you don’t really feel protected. It’s not that cats are bad, it’s just that they are tiny creatures that can’t do much. Dogs on the other hand can protect you if a burglar entered your home.

Those are 8 reasons why dogs are better than cats. What about you, why do you think they are better that cats? Why do you think cats are better? I think they both have their pros and cons.

Top Photo Credit: Jule Charlotte

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Well dogs aren't actually smarter then cats, merely more obedient. They are a pack animal and need to listen to one another, cats are solitary and have no need for being obedient to others. I like dogs more too, but it's not fair to put down an animals intelligence when it's just as smart as a dog.

Actually, all my cats go to the toilet outside, are way smarter than the dogs we have, one of my cats purrs his his head of when we give him a bath and all of my cats like you because they choose to, not because the think they have to. Maximus, the one that purrs his head of in the bath, adores me but is a grumpy old man with anyone else. Thats the same with my other cat Millie. Even Maddy but she's not old.

the dog is good pets becuse the dog smart

Great article,, yes it is true that dogs are smarter than cats as well as more obedient. but however, cats are still more associated with woman since thousands years ago. That's why we have cat woman in batman :) Cat makes woman looks more feminine. In my opinion, naturally cats are liked more by women than dogs if we consider its behavior and looks, the same analogy in which woman naturally wants to looks slim and not fat and tend to find ways to lose weight

I like cats, too, but I agree that dogs are better. It might just be experience, because I had a dog at the hardest time in my life and she was what kept me happy. Cause dogs are just happy critters. And RIP to doggy Quendi, I miss you sooo much <3

Ok, if you like cats better than dogs, i want to say one thing STOP GOING ON THESE WEBSITES THAT SAY DOGS ARE BETTER THAN CATS! (but you have to amite dogs are better then cats)

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