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38 Pictures of Cutest Pets Ever ...

By Olga

Just take one look at these cute pets and you will definitely go “awe…”!

and here is our new buddy

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High five..?
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Do you really think this scarf complements my eye color..?
Do I know you?
Photo credit: MayJ

Oh, man, my doggie trainer is coming! I’d better pretend I am all sleepy, maybe she’ll go away…
I don’t have a big head, I just have a lot of fluffy hair… stop by when I am all wet!
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Is food coming yet?
Okei, onli van mo tu gou…
-What are we looking at, Mom?

-I have no idea…
I am so scared to sleep alone, Mr. Mouse always comes with me…
Pretty woman, lying in the Sun,

Pretty woman…
Uuuugh… I am coming, I am coming, wait up…
Did they shave me or am I supposed to look like this? :(
Look how cute I am! Pick me up, pick me up! Pleaseee!
Oh, man, I left my pink sunglasses at home…
Woohoo!!! I think I can fly!!! I am a flying Maltese! Or should I say - a Flighte-e-e-se?!!
Are you my Mommy..?
OMG, what did I do, what did I do?
I’m sorry, what did you say? Bring you what?
Watching “Scream 2″… so scary…
Is this decaf?
I am sorry… I really am… Can I go play now?
In what paw do you hold that spoon?
Is it me, or is it crowded here…
And I never wore braces! Can you believe it?
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-How long are we supposed to sit here?

- I don’t know… just keep looking right, guys.

- Gee, I am so hungry, I hope they’ll take us down before dinner…
Will you please sing me a lullaby…?
This is my personal bamboo-climbing record - 5 tails and 1 ear high! Not bad, huh?
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