11 Cute Pictures of Shaved Cats ...

I never dared to shave my cat, but I must admit that I gave it a lot of thought, especially after I saw these funny pictures of cute shaved kitties! :))

Check out these oh-so-cute kitty kitties - aren't these shaved little guys just adorable?

This guy doesn't seem to be too happy with the results of his 'haircut'.

This green-eyed cat doesn't seem to mind that she lost most of her tiger-stripes.

I bet this cute white cat's thinking: "Where's my hair? Where's all my hair????"

Scratch me belly, little pussy!!!

This is how your face would look, too if you had hair like mine, buster!

Better watch out, dogs, there's a new lion on the block… raawwwrrrrr!

This little guy looks like he has the tail of a white horse!

This otherwise huge cat looks small now - and check the face out - it looks like the kitty's resigned to its fate!

Is this how a Gillette model feels like???

This poor kitty got a poodle cut - and doesn't look too happy about it!

Look, ma, I've got a Mohawk!

All these photos **are so **cute and funny. I have my own pussy too but I haven't tried shaving her furry coat off. I bet she's gonna destroy my sofa if I do!

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