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You know how some people are famous in their own right, while others are known only because of who they hang around with? Cats are the same – some have famous owners (or should I say servants) while others get themselves in the papers. Here are some celebrity moggies.

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Humphrey was the Chief Mouser at Number Ten Downing Street, and enjoyed several productive years in residence until the arrival of Tony Blair in 1997. Rumour has it that Humphrey was evicted because he did not get on with Mrs Blair. Cats are, of course, excellent judges of character …


Socks was Humphrey’s White House counterpart, although the Clinton family pet rather than an official employee. Unfortunately, the White House became the Fight House when the Clintons acquired a dog. As Bill put it, ‘I did better with ... the Palestinians and the Israelis than I've done with Socks and Buddy’.


Muessa belonged to the Prophet Mohammed. Tradition tells that Mohammed loved his cat so dearly that, when Muessa was asleep on his robe, the Prophet cut off the sleeve rather than disturb the cat’s rest.


Casper had an usual habit – he liked to travel by bus. The Plymouth (UK) mog took to hopping aboard, and fast became a hit with drivers and passengers, who always ensured that he got off at the correct stop. Sadly, Casper’s travels were brought to an end when he was killed by a car.


Oscar lives at a nursing home in Rhode Island. He’s not actually the most friendly of felines – in fact Oscar ignores residents. Oddly, Oscar seems to be able to sense when someone is close to death, and then insists on staying with them until they pass. Staff know it’s time to call the family when they see him with a resident …


Trixie belonged to the Earl of Southampton, who got himself sent to the Tower of London for rebelling against Queen Elizabeth I. The story goes that the loyal Trixie found her way across London to her master’s cell, and kept him company until his release two years later (alternatively, that his wife smuggled her in – although I can’t see a cat being that cooperative ‘what have you got under your cloak, Madam?’ ‘oh, nothing … ow!!’).


These two cats are the stars of a popular Youtube video, in which they are seen ‘talking’ to each other … which is then translated. 18 million hits and counting …


Any parent would risk their life to save their children from a fire. Well, that’s exactly what a feral cat did in Brooklyn in 1996. In spite of her injuries, Scarlett went back into the building again and again until each of her kittens was safe. Unable to see, Scarlett counted with her nose to make sure all her babies were safe. Sadly one later died, but four survived, and Scarlett herself lived another twelve happy years. Truly moving.

Can you think of any famous cats, dogs, squirrels, chipmunks …?

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