8 Great Accessories for Your Cat ...


8 Great Accessories for Your Cat ...
8 Great Accessories for Your Cat ...

My cat seems to be quite capable of making her own entertainment … during the one hour in every 24 that she’s actually awake. I’ve been looking at cat toys and accessories, though, and there are some great things available. I wonder what she’d think of the following …?

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Fling-Ama-String Price: $21.99 at cgi.ebay.com
Apparently this won an award at a tradeshow for ‘Best New Cat Product’. It would be interesting to see if my cat agrees. She certainly likes playing with anything that moves, and this battery-operated toy (stop sniggering) has a string that keeps flying in and out.


Cat Catcher

Cat Catcher Price: $7.99 at cgi.ebay.com
If you want to keep out of the way of kitty’s sharp claws, then something on the end of a very long pole makes a good toy. Your cat would have great fun chasing this mouse attached to a pole – either that, or they’d get even more enjoyment from watching you waving it around madly.


Grow Your Own Catnip

Grow Your Own Catnip Price: $2.49 at cgi.ebay.com
It’s legal, so why not? Your cat will love you for it – if it remembers who you are once it’s permanently stoned on a constant supply of catnip. If you’ve never given your cat a catnip toy, trust me, they go mad …


SmartCat Peek-a-Prize

SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Price: $17.99 at cgi.ebay.com
This is a great toy for a cat who needs entertainment while he’s alone, or is kept indoors. The wooden box has several holes in which you hide toys, and he then has to fish them out. Having watched the determination of cats to get something that interests them, I can see this one working very well.


Motion Activated Ball

Motion Activated Ball Price: $2 at cgi.ebay.com
If you’re feeling lazy, let your cat play by himself with this one. Laugh as he follows it around – actually, knowing some cats, they will just sit looking at you as if to say ‘So what do you expect me to do about it?’

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Feather Duster

Feather Duster Price: $3.29 at cgi.ebay.com
This was a firm favourite with another of my cats. She loved it, and was so good at catching it that we were constantly finding red feathers around the house. They seemed to get everywhere. Eventually there were no feathers left …


Heated Cat Bed

Heated Cat Bed Price: $49.85 at cgi.ebay.com
I don’t have an electric blanket! In fact, my cat usually keeps my feet nicely warm in winter, so I don’t think I’ll be buying her one of these, or I might lose my footwarmer. This bed is even thermostatically controlled! Luxury …


Cat Playground

Cat Playground Price: $22.50 at cgi.ebay.com
Knowing my little madam, if I bought her one of these she’d turn her nose up at it, and then go and sleep on my clean clothes as she always does. It would certainly make a fun playground for younger, less lazy cats – or an avant-garde storage unit in my case.

Cats are very good at turning all sorts of things into toys, but if you want to buy something for Tiddles, you’d be spoilt for choice. In fact, there’s a huge range of cat accessories out there – everything a cat could possibly want!

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I bought my cat a lot of toys, but he prefers a ball of aluminum foil! I bought him a cat bed and he would never get in it..he did one day and peed in it. Brat.

idk how good aluminum foil is for a cat, cause that can tear and they can swallow it. but i read online that when kittens are teething (which mine has begun to), the owners should give them plastic straws. No joke, she thinks this thing is alive. She'll accidentally flick it herself and just pounce on the thing, for HOURS!! I definitely recommend trying it! :)

I would prefer give my cat a woolen ball as she likes it most.

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