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8 Cute Cellphones Holders ...

By Alison

I love my cellphone – a purple Sony Ericsson – so I’m hoping it lasts as long as possible. With that in mind, I’m thinking of getting a pretty case to protect it from getting scratched or damaged. I’ve found some I really love – can you help me choose?

1 Floral in Fuchsia

Floral in Fuchsia Price: $22.50 at
This case is really pretty, with its pink and black floral fabric on a pale background. It’s very versatile, as it can be used to hold an mp3 player as well. What’s more, the holder can be carried by its strap, or fastened to a belt. Clever!

2 Green Spirals

Price: $14 at
Green is one of my favourite colours, and I love the contrast between the swirly and the plain fabrics. The holder has a cord and button fastening, so the phone will stay safe and secure.

3 Lizzy Gadget Holder

Lizzy Gadget Holder Price: $18 at
I love 60/70s psychedelic fabrics, so this groovy case is right up my street. It has a zip and a little strap. A nice touch is that it is lined, to help protect the phone.

4 Mini Wallet

Mini Wallet Price: $7.50 at
This lovely poppy print is my current favourite, as it’s so bright and cheerful. What do you think? This little wallet is big enough to hold a cellphone and a travelcard, gym card etc, and fastens with a press stud. I’d love a big bag in this fabric.

5 Flower Pouch

Flower Pouch Price: $12 at
This holder can fasten onto a bag or beltloop, so would be great for easy access. My phone always ends up getting lost at the bottom of my bag … The case is stretchy, so there are no worries about the size of your phone.

6 Dysfunctional Family

Dysfunctional Family Price: $9.95 at
Here’s a phone holder that would certainly get comments! The retro-style print features a happy pill-popping housewife. On a practical note, it fastens with velcro, so would be ideal if, like me, you can find press studs fiddly.

7 Leopard Print Mini Wallet

Leopard Print Mini Wallet Price: $8 at
I just had to include an animal print on my shortlist! This would also be perfect for an mp3 player, as the clever maker has included a little pocket for headphones.

8 Kitty Holder

Kitty Holder Price: $18 at
And of course, I had to finish off with a cat print holder! I love having something unique, and these cats are hand drawn, so no two are completely alike. Kitty is watching a fish … well, a cat needs a hobby!

So, which is your favourite? I love all of these, but it’s between the cat and the poppies I think …

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