8 Cool Clothes Storage Items ...


8 Cool Clothes Storage Items ...
8 Cool Clothes Storage Items ...

If you're anything like me, your clothes are not very well organised. In fact, I keep finding items that I had forgotten I owned. Thus lies the path to owning 20 of the same item. Time to get my closet sorted, I think! So if you're in the same situation, here are 8 cool clothes storage items to put those clothes in their place!

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Bag Rack

Bag Rack Price: $13.90 at cgi.ebay.com
Have you forgotten how many bags you own, because they're jumbled together at the bottom of your closet? With this organiser you can keep at least 18 of them neatly displayed. If your bag collection is like Imelda Marco's shoes, then simply buy more racks!


Shelf Dividers

Shelf Dividers Price: $10.66 at cgi.ebay.com
Do your shelves look like the aftermath of a disaster, with sweaters and tops spilling all over the place? Get this set of 4 dividers, and your shelves will soon look as tidy as their counterparts in a shop (once you learn the art of folding, of course).


Shoe Boxes

Shoe Boxes Price: $10 at cgi.ebay.com
Imelda would have needed a LOT of these! The good thing about these boxes is that they are made of clear plastic, so you can easily identify which shoes are inside. The boxes will also protect the shoes from dust and puppies looking for something to chew.


Wooden Shoe Storage

Wooden Shoe Storage Price: $32.99 at cgi.ebay.com
If you prefer a separate storage unit for shoes, then this wooden unit is simple but smart. Great for keeping in the hall if you don't like people walking through the house in footwear. They're also stackable, so you could have a wall of shoes.


Earring Holder

Earring Holder Price: $38.99 at cgi.ebay.com
Do you invariably manage to lose one of each pair of earrings? They are infernally difficult to keep together, so invest in one of these and never lose another earring again. Unless one falls out while you're wearing it, of course!


Underwear Storage

Underwear Storage Price: $6.28 at cgi.ebay.com
You can even buy storage for your bras now! My cat likes to pull mine out of the draw (she once embarrassed me by running in dragging a bra behind her and then proceeding to start a fight with it). This could foil her!


Hanging Closet Organiser

Hanging Closet Organiser Price: $18.75 at cgi.ebay.com
This type of organiser is widely available now, and is a great way of creating extra space in a closet. With this set of three - one pink, one blue and one brown - you should have all the space you need to get those clothes under control.


Fabric Drawers

Price: $8 at cgi.ebay.com
This cubes are designed to be used with other storage organisers, but I don't see why you can't just use them in any closet. The bright fuchsia colour means they'd also look good on display, and you could use them for under bed storage as well.

So, I hope I've given you some ideas for clearing up your closet, and taming the clothes mountain! Now I must follow my own advice, and see what forgotten treasures I unearth!

PS: The bra won the fight.

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