8 Craftabulous Shirts for a Crafty Lady ...


8 Craftabulous Shirts for a Crafty Lady ...
8 Craftabulous Shirts for a Crafty Lady ...

Are you crafty and do you want to show the world that you are? Well, there is no need to lug your sewing machine around or bring your knitting everywhere you go. Simply get one of these craft-tee shirts!

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Alice's Sewing Basket

Alice's Sewing Basket Shop: Threadless

Price: $15

I was actually sad that I missed the first printing of this Threadless tee. I remember loving the design from the very first day that the artist submitted it for scoring on the website. But the boyfriend got this for me during their recent sale and I could not be a happier (crafty) girlfriend. I think I want to wear it every day. EVERY DAY.


I'm so Crafty I Make People

I'm so Crafty I Make People Shop: Etsy

Price: $30

How hilarious is this? I have to agree with the seller, it does take someone crafty to make a baby. This will make a perfect gift for a dear lady friend who happens to be pregnant AND crafty. Or you can buy one for yourself if you're a mom who loves statement tees.


Sew in Love

Sew in Love Shop: Craftster

Price: $20

This is a Crafster shirt and it is just darn cute. What could be cuter than a spool of thread with a smiling face, huh? I love the color of the shirt, too.


Buy Handmade

Buy Handmade Shop: Etsy

Price: $24

Are you a crafty lady who also sells your goods? Do you join craft fairs? Do you have a blog where you often post photos of yourself selling your products? If you answered YES, then you will need this Buy Handmade shirt. I'm always down for a v-neck tee but the overall design of this particular shirt screams LOVE to me. You have buttons, scissors, a snail, an octopus, and other cutesy stuff to keep you smiling whenever you're out peddling your goods.



Create Shop: Design by Humans

Price: $21

Every time Design by Humans holds a sale, I look for this shirt in extra small. So far, my dream to own this tee has not come true. As someone who loves to sew and is drawn to all things Baroque, it is a crime that I do not have this shirt. A crime, I tell you.


Crafty Lady Scissors

Crafty Lady Scissors Shop: Etsy

Price: $12

Very simple and cool. This is perfect even if you are not crafty, actually. Do you happen to like school supplies? Or cutting things? Or...er...shiny objects? This is the shirt for you.


Sewingmaship Ahoy

Sewingmaship Ahoy Shop: Buy Olympia

Price: $15.95

I cannot imagine sewing while aboard a ship but that's not really the point of this shirt. What I can imagine is hitting a pirate with an antique pair of scissors if he tries to attempt something mean, such as steal my prized fabrics.


Crafty Kitty

Crafty Kitty Shop: Etsy

Price: $24

I love cats, crafts, v-neck tees, and single-color prints. Clearly, this is a tee for me. I will *aherm* browse the seller's online shop and see if she has one in my size.

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The I make humans one is by the far the funniest of course. Love to have a chuckle that will carry me when I think back on it.

I loved #5.

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